Cougar Update: Tyler Beck

Out of Vista Murrieta High School in Southern California, 6-foot-1-inch, 220-pound linebacker Tyler Beck chose BYU over a scholarship offer from Nebraska. Total Blue Sports caught up with the inside linebacker for a Cougar update.

Tyler Beck was recruited by UCLA, Utah, Oregon, Arizona and Nebraska as a senior in high school. However, the former Southwestern League Defensive MVP is happy to be right where he's at in Provo, Utah.

"Obviously things have changed a lot for me since high school," said Beck with a smile. "I don't see the field as much as I used to, but it's been a very good experience to be out here even though you're not the best in your little area anymore. At the college level everyone is good out there and it's been very, very humbling. But it's been fun running with my teammates on the scout team."

The college football experience has been somewhat of an adjustment for Beck.

"The speed of the game is so fast," he said. "But that's not the biggest change for me. The biggest part that I've had to get used to is the o-line. It's like at the college level the o-line has gained 100 pounds and can bench and squat twice as much. If you get tapped by one of those guys you just go flying."

Beck has also learned that at this level, the strength of a player comes more in the form of being able to mesh his talents with greater technique and applying those skills more wisely on the field.

"The biggest part of college football, in comparison to high school, has been that the coaches really stay on top of you in your development of technique," said Beck. "Aside from adjusting to the size and speed of the game and learning to adjust my speed, I've learned how to take different angles and routes. You can't just go and run through somebody now like you used too, so now you have to look for backside angles and can't just go all out and hit people, or you won't last very long."

While a senior in high school, Beck recorded 75 solo tackles and 16 assists. He averaged 8.3 tackles per game and totaled 13 sacks for a combined loss of 104 yards. He averaged 1.2 sacks per game and was credited with one interception, which he returned 55 yards. At BYU, Beck is now a true freshman manning the weak side middle linebacker's spot on the scout team. He also plays on special teams.

Because Beck is playing on special teams, he is one of the only true freshman from the 2007 class to not be redshirting.

"I want to save my redshirt year for when I get back from my mission," said Beck. "Who knows where I'll go. I could go to Africa and come back 115 pounds, or I could go to Samoa and come back 300 pounds. Either way, you're going to need that extra year to get back into shape when you come back. I just like having that redshirt year to develop myself when I return."

Beck could have accepted a scholarship from Nebraska and gone on to be a Cornhusker. However, despite currently being on the scout team, he is very happy he is a Cougar.

"Oh, I couldn't be happier here," said a smiling Beck. "I always think about that when I'm not doing anything. I always think, ‘Man, what would be the difference if I was at Nebraska right now, and what if I had made that choice instead of coming to BYU?' I feel like I wouldn't of had the same opportunities to grow personally as a young man football-wise and spiritually as I am here at BYU than if I were at Nebraska. I just feel it's better here than at Nebraska and I'm glad I made the right choice."

One aspect about being a Cougar that Beck really enjoys is all the guidance and help he is getting from the more experienced Cougars.

"My teammates are so great," said Beck. "The upper classmen are always there for you. Not only in football technique [or] support for effort, but also they're there for you to make sure that you're doing what you're supposed to be doing in all aspects of your life. They're there to make sure you're not messing up or getting into trouble. They're there to makes sure you're going to classes and doing what you're supposed to do on and off the field. They're like your big brothers who are always looking out for you."

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