Pittman and Brooks Happy To Be Back

After being suspended from the team for roughly two weeks, G Pittman and Brannon Brooks stayed for about a half hour after Monday's practice to do bear crawls and to put in a little extra conditioning time that left the two former California stars zapped of their energy.

Although cornerbacks G Pittman and Brannon Brooks have been admitted back into the good graces of the team, after performing off-the-field conditional activities to rectify their breaking of BYU's honor code, the two have learned a valuable lesson about how choices in life mean consequences later.

Now you can listen to the winded G Pittman talk about his injury, the healing process, when he's projected to return to the field and why he's working so hard as a redshirt freshman.

Brannon Brooks talks about adjusting to Provo, Utah. He also talks about how his suspension has helped him to grow as a young man, and how things are going for him as a redshirt freshman.

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