Timpanogos Lineman Still Undecided

Timpanogos defensive lineman David Kruger currently has scholarship offers from BYU and Utah, and even though his older brother plays for the Utes, he is still undecided.

Last Friday, Timpanogos got its first-ever victory over Lone Peak when it won 34-7. Although Timpanogos quarterback Christian Stewart and wide receiver Grant Jimenez may have been the stars of the games, David Kruger did his part on the defensive side of the ball by racking up two quarterback sacks.

"I thought we did really good, and personally I thought I did alright," said a humble Kruger. "I thought I could have done better though, but I did good with my responsibilities. We kind of came out in the game a little flat to start out with.

"It felt really good to get those two sacks though. The first one was okay. It was kind of a puny hit, but the second one was good. I got a good shot on the quarterback for that second one."

Kruger wasn't quite sure what his current stats were on the season. He did, however, think he had around eight sacks on the season, including the two he recorded during Friday's game.

Kruger readily admits that he is still working on developing his abilities as a defensive tackle. However, the big 6-foot-5-inch, 270-pound defensive end has good mobility to go with his rather large frame, and his potential to be a very good Division I player is evident.

"I still need to work on some things," Kruger said. "I need to get off the ball a little faster and learn to stay low and get my hands extended. I just have to work on those things."

Kruger still has scholarship offers from both BYU and Utah, but he is getting more out-of-state attention from Division I programs as well.

"BYU and Utah are still recruiting me," Kruger said. "They send me letters and talk to me all the time when they're able to. I still have other schools recruiting me, like Oregon, Oklahoma and California. Then I have just a few writing me like Nebraska and West Virginia, but nothing really serious. BYU and Utah are the only two schools that have offered me right now."

At this point in time, Kruger is still getting ready for college.

"I'm still getting my stuff in order," said Kruger. "I still need to pass the ACT and get cleared by the Clearinghouse and all that. Once I get all that done then I'll probably make a decision. I'm looking at all of my options and not just BYU and Utah. I haven't taken any trips yet and I still want to have a little fun with it too, you know."

Kruger would like some time to make a few on-campus visits.

"I would like to go visit Oregon and California," Kruger said. "I would really like to take a trip to Oklahoma as well, and that's about it. I'll obviously take one to BYU and Utah as well."

David Kruger's older brother Paul Kruger is playing well as a freshman defensive end for the U of U. Still, David contends that just because his brother is up at the U of U, that doesn't mean the Utes have an automatic lock for his services.

"My brother is doing really well up at Utah," said Kruger. "He's doing great for a freshman and I'm really proud of him. He's been a great example to me, but you know, with him being up there, it doesn't really persuade me at all. He hasn't really encouraged me to go up there…He just told me to go where I feel is best for me."

David Kruger has a younger brother in Joe Kruger, who is a sophomore defensive end on the Timpanogos High School football team.

"I really like playing with that kid," said big brother David. "He's also been a great example to me and he's just an awesome kid. He's a lot better than me when I was at his age. He's a tall kid at around 6'7" and he's still young, but he'll get faster and stronger as time goes by."

Joe Kruger has received a verbal offer from the U of U according to older brother David.

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