Bills Backing it Up

Cougar commit Kevin Bills is getting it done by playing a vital role in the success of a dominating Timpview defense. Bills is being moved around according to the opponent and is showing versatility and great athleticism, which earned him the scholarship offer from BYU that he readily accepted last spring.

"Coaches have me playing mostly outside linebacker, but I'll play defensive end against some teams in certain situations," explained Kevin Bills. "I like playing either and it's fun being able to play different roles with every different opponent."

The 6-foot-3-inch, 230-pound Bills finished up last season at the defensive end position, but is logging most of his time at linebacker this year. He's increased his speed and mobility to do well at the position.

"I'll be playing linebacker while at BYU, so it's good that I'm playing mostly at linebacker this year," said Bills. "I like defensive end, but linebacker is a lot of fun since you get to do a little of everything."

Bills cites good lateral speed and solid coverage skills as his strengths at the linebacker position. Those strengths will make him a good fit in BYU's 3-4 system, which requires a lot from its linebackers.

"I'm good stringing guys out from sideline to sideline," said Bills. "I'm also good at covering guys out of the backfield. I'm good in open space and in my pursuit."

Bills plays on what has to be considered one of the more dominating teams ever in the Utah Prep ranks. Indeed, his Timpview Thunderbirds have run rampant over opponents, which has caused some different problems that the team has had to deal with over the past few games.

"We usually only play one half as starters," said Bills. "The game is usually over by halftime for us, so almost all the starters only play one half of football, which is sort of frustrating, but we don't want to run up the score, so it's fine."

Running up the score is what Timpview was perceived as doing against Provo last week as Timpview pounded away at its rival for a game that was indeed over by halftime by all intents and purposes. But the starters were put out there on the field well after halftime to prep them for the closer games that may come as the Thunderbirds start their playoff games this coming week.

"None of us are used to playing a full game, so the coaches kept us out there," explained Bills. "In the playoffs we're going to be involved in some closer games, so we need to get used to playing an entire game."

Timpview is 9-0 this year and is expected to run through the playoffs on to a state championship, but Bills and his teammates have to be ready for anything. The dominating Thunderbirds have a number of players on their current squad that will eventually become Cougars at the next level. Among them are Bills' younger brother Craig Bills, linebacker Michael Alisa, and others who may be committing at a later date.

"It's awesome," said Bills regarding the prospect of playing with his brother and good friend Alisa at the next level. "I've played with Craig for five years and want to play with him at BYU. To have that chance is just awesome and I know he feels the same. I'm also excited to be able to play with Michael. We're really good friends and he's a great player."

Bills has kept a close eye on BYU this year and is impressed with what he's seen in their defensive unit. He knows that he'll be joining a great program with a great defensive system.

"Their defense is great and they're having a great year," said Bills. "They struggled a bit with Tulsa, but other than that they've been dominating. It's a great defense for me and I'm excited to be part of that defense."

Bills has definite mission plans, but hasn't yet decided whether to play a year and then leave, or leave immediately upon graduation.

"We'll just have to see how it works out," said Bills regarding his mission plans. "We'll have to decide here soon, but I'm excited to be able to play for BYU whenever that is, whether it's before my mission or after."

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