Featured Recruit: MLB Iona Pritchard

Known for developing top quality Division I prospects, Bingham High School possesses two linebackers that are helping to lead the team towards back-to-back state championships. Total Blue Sports now highlights fullback and middle linebacker Iona Pritchard.

Plane and simple, Iona Pritchard is a coach's player. You won't find too many athletes providing firepower and leadership of both sides of the ball, all while diverting credit from himself and giving it to others. Not in this day and age. But that's what you get when you have Iona Pritchard on your football team.

"I really don't think it was just me out there," said a smiling Pritchard. "I'm playing defense with a lot of good players, especially with this linebacker [L.T. Filiaga] standing right next to me."

Last Saturday, Bingham High School defeated Freemont 42-6. Bingham gained 283 rushing yards and 117 passing yards. Meanwhile, Bingham's linebackers helped lead the defense in shutting down Fremont for three quarters of play.

"I feel I did good because the other guys did good," Pritchard said. "I feel I did good because the other linebackers did good."

Just 3:16 into the third quarter, Pritchard intercepted a pass and ran it back 20 yards.

"The d-linemen tipped the ball and I saw the ball there and was able to get it," said Pritchard. "I was hoping that I wasn't going to drop it and was able to get some good blocks to get into the end zone."

Manning the middle linebacker spot for the first time in his football career, Pritchard feels he is gaining a greater perspective on how to play the position with every new game.

"I honestly feel like I'm just getting more and more used to playing this position," said Pritchard. "I think I'm improving more and more every week. I'm always trying to improve. I went from outside linebacker. Well, I started out on the d-line. Then I went to outside linebacker and now they moved me into the middle, so I'm still trying to get used to playing the position, but I'm doing my best to learn."

Judging by the stats, the 6-foot-1-inch, 220-pound senior has done very well for himself. Currently, Pritchard has 67 tackles, two sacks and one interception. He averages 6.7 tackles per game, but his stats don't stop there. Pritchard also plays fullback. leading the way for all-state running back Sam Langi. As a blocking fullback, Pritchard is averaging 5.5 yards per carry.

"It's kind of tough because at linebacker you just have to bring the attitude," Pritchard said. "You have to be the leader of the defense and be able to read what's going on in the middle. As a fullback, you have to kind of know your role. The fullback position isn't really a glory position. You just go out and do your job.

"As a fullback, you have to kind of calm down a little, which is hard because as a linebacker you can't. So, it can be tough making that switch. I have a big problem with that because I just want to go all-out, and it's hard for me to calm myself down, but when I come in to play fullback I have to calm myself down."

Next week, Bingham High School squares off with Davis High School, which beat Pleasant Grove 38-12.

"We just have to now focus on Davis," Pritchard said. "We can't celebrate and get caught up in this first win. We have to now put that aside because David is just like us, a smash-mouth team. I played against them last year and they bring the wood."

Currently, Pritchard is receiving some interest from Division I teams, One of which is BYU.

"I'm getting letters from BYU and Oregon," Pritchard said. "I'm getting letters from some Ivy League schools and Utah sends me stuff now and then."

Pritchard, who is a big BYU fan, also gets it done in the classroom. He has a 3.7 GPA and hopes that the Cougars will offer him a scholarship one day.

"I just try to get all my schoolwork done and go from there," said Pritchard.

Iona Pritchard Game Photos

Iona Pritchard Cleans Up

Fullback Pritchard Cuts Back

Pritchard Zeroing In

Pritchard In Pursuit

Manning The Middle

Pritchard Moves In On A Tipped Ball…

Makes The Grab…

Reels It In…

Turns Upfield…

And Heads Towards The End Zone

Bingham's Middle Linebackers Pritchard and L.T. Filiaga

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