Scouting Report: Max Hall Breaks It Down

Colorado State will face a tough passing game from BYU this weekend as the Cougars strive for their sixth win of the season and bowl eligibility. BYU quarterback Max Hall gives fans the rundown on Colorado State's secondary.

BYU's offense is averaging 304.3 yards per game. So far on the season, BYU quarterback Max Hall has thrown for about 2,130 yards, and was hoping to rack up some more passing yards against San Diego State's defense prior to the forced bye week.

Next up for the Cougars are the Rams of Colorado State. So what has Hall seen on film and what type of a game plan does he feel the Rams will bring to LaVell Edwards Stadium this Saturday?

"I think they're going to try and run a lot of cover-three against us to try and stop our run game," Hall said. "I think they'll run a little bit of Tampa-two and they'll come up and [run some] press-man a little bit. They'll run some three-blitzes, which is something we've already seen. They don't do things too crazy like a New Mexico, where they're just sending guys from their secondary all over the place. I think if we can come out and be on the same page with my receivers and get the running game established early…we'll be successful."

The Cougars expect the Rams to try and slow down their powerful and successful ground game led by the legs of the "Tongan Trio": Harvey Unga, Manase Tonga and Fui Vakapuna. With the Cougars looking to possibly establish the run, a physical game can be expected this weekend.

So in evaluating the Rams secondary, what has he seen on film?

"I think they hustle to the ball well," said Hall. "I think they play hard even though they may have only won one game this season. I think a lot of people can underestimate them. They're still a good football team, I think. Obviously they're playing at the [Division I] level in a good conference, so we're not going to take them lightly and we're going to come out and play them hard. I know they're going to come out and play us hard. They don't have a lot to lose, so they're going to come and play like it to get a win."

Hall said the type of players he saw on film are different from those that he's already faced during the season.

"[The Rams] have their own style of play and they have their own team," said Hall. "They like to do things differently than others team and we recognize that. What it comes down to is us making a few offensive adjustments with how we do things and then executing those things on the field come game day. What it's going to come down to is our execution."

Hall was asked about whether the team utilized the extra bye week by adding some new wrinkles to the offense, or whether it was more a case of polishing up what they had already established.

"I think you'll see a little bit of both," said Hall. "We added some new stuff in that we like and that we'll run. We're also getting the kinks out of some things that we weren't on the same page on in the past, so I think you'll see a little bit of both.

Currently Colorado State is giving up an average of 12.1 yards per catch. BYU, on the other hand, is averaging 12.8 yards per catch. With the extra time due to the bye week that Hall and his Cougar offense has had to prepare for CSU, the Cougars look to increase those numbers.

"Anytime you have a little extra time to prepare for someone, you always have the advantage," Hall said. "The one thing that we need to do as an offense when attacking their defense is to come out fast early in the game. We didn't play last week so we need to make sure we don't come out sluggish. We've been focusing on coming staying sharp this week, so when the time comes we'll be able to see what they're doing on defense and then we'll make the adjustments on offense as they come."

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