Featured Recruit: L.T. Filiaga

There may have been many ghouls and monsters prowling the streets on Halloween, but there is nothing scarier than two fast linebackers the likes of Iona Pritchard and L.T. Filiaga bearing down on you at full speed.

Bingham High School possesses two outstanding athletes, in addition the more nationally notable ones in Austin Holt and Justin Sorensen, that are making big impacts on the field this year. One that BYU fans are already becoming well-acquainted with is middle linebacker Iona Pritchard. The other is someone who plays right next to him: middle linebacker L.T. Filiaga.

"I like to set higher standards for myself," said Filiaga. "I feel that I'm reaching some of them, but I know that I can always improve and do better. I know that I have a lot of potential and I'm just trying to fulfill my potential as best I can by working hard."

Filiaga is the younger brother of former BYU recruit Isley Filiaga, who is now at the University of Utah. Last year, L.T. played outside linebacker at Orem High School. The family has since moved, and L.T. is now playing at Bingham High School, where he started playing middle linebacker for the first time.

"I'm pretty much the same as Iona," said Filiaga. "Last year I played at Orem High School where I started as a sophomore at the outside linebacker position. This year, my dad wanted me to move to middle linebacker, and so I thought I would try it out. The coaching staff here has really helped me a lot, and I'm still getting used to it. When I played the outside linebacker position, I liked to read the offensive tackle and the opposite guard. When you move to middle linebacker you have to read the entire line and know where the ball is at all times. You have to be disciplined to make sure there are no cutbacks or reverses and things like that."

Filiaga is learning that playing the middle of the field as a linebacker is more like being the quarterback on the team. As a first-year starter at the position, Filiaga is grateful he isn't alone.

"I'm lucky to have Iona by my side because I don't think I would be able to do it all by myself," said Filiaga while chuckling. "Being with Iona really helps me out a lot, and I hope that I'm able to help him out a lot. We're the dynamic duo right here."

And like his fellow middle linebacker, Filiaga has been called upon to take up fullback duties on the offensive side of the ball.

"This is actually my first year in playing fullback on varsity," said Filiaga. "I've been used when I played on other teams as a goal line fullback, but this is actually the first year that I really played fullback in the game a lot. It feels good and I got in a few pancakes."

Like many of his fellow teammates, Filiaga is on BYU's radar.

"Coach Doman has written some letters, so I'm being looked at by BYU," said Filiaga. "I got an information letter from Stanford. It was like a questionnaire thing that they sent me. I'm just trying to do well on the field and in the classroom so I can earn myself a full-ride scholarship some day. My goal is to try and play in college, so I'm trying to play my heart out."

Not only is Filiaga doing well on the field, but he is also a good student in the classroom.

"During my sophomore year, I had a 3.8 [GPA] my first quarter and then the rest of the year I had a 4.0. For this quarter my junior year I'm at around a 3.8. It's not where I want it to be because it's a little hard due to football season, which makes it tougher when you're doing two things. After football season I'm going to try and boost that up and take some honor classes."

Not only is Filiaga the son of a former BYU assistant strength and conditioning coach, but he is also following in the footsteps of his older brother Isley, who currently holds the bench press record for the state of Utah.

"Right after my sophomore year my goal was to bench press 295," said Filiaga. "Before the season started I was able to bench 315. Now that I've benched 315 I want to try to beat my older brother Isley's record of 475."

Filiaga has plans to serve a full-time LDS mission after playing high school football and reaching his goal of getting a college scholarship.

"I want to try and serve my Heavenly Father," said Filiaga. "I'm hoping that the college that I'm able to go to will let me come back after my mission. That's my first priority, to serve my Heavenly Father before I go on. I'm going to graduate early so I'm hoping that I can get my true-freshman year in at college and then go on my mission, hoping that everything works out."

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