BYU Gets Another Commit

On Tuesday BYU received another commit from the junior college ranks. The Cougar coaching staff's newest commit is from a speed rushing defensive end - though one that is expected to play outside linebacker at BYU - that currently plays for the top junior college in the country.

Snow College has produced quite a number of top quality talent, a good deal of which the Badger coaching staff has sent on to the Division I level. BYU already received a commitment from top defensive tackle David Hola, a four star recruit. Now the Cougar coaching staff has received another verbal commitment, this one from 6-foot-3-inch, 230-pound speed rusher Coleby Clawson.

"Coleby is a warrior and a fierce competitor," said Snow College defensive line coach Jason Ah You. "On our team he plays the Badger, which is the rush end, or open end, as other teams call it. He's the weak side end. He plays a lot bigger than his 6'3", 230-pound frame. He's very strong at the point of attack and he uses good technique and leverage. He has a quick first step and he attacks the edge of opposing linemen. He has an excellent motor and good closing speed. He's very physical and very aggressive. I believe BYU wants him to play as a stand up linebacker in the mold of Bryan Kehl. He played the last couple of games with a cracked rib. That's how tough he is."

Clawson came down to BYU Tuesday and was handed an offer from BYU head coach Bronco Mendenhall.

"[Mendenhall] just asked me why I wanted to be here," said Clawson. "I just told him that I love to play football. I told him that I wanted to be a part of this tradition and that BYU football is back. I love the fans and the program and what they're doing here. He agreed with me that the tradition is back."

Clawson, who has dreamed of playing for BYU, committed to Coach Mendenhall on the spot.

"I committed to be a Cougar and I'm just very excited," said Clawson. "I guess you could say I have a perma-grin on my face. I've been on cloud nine all day."

Coach Mendenhall and his staff have been watching Clawson develop while at Snow Junior College. The coaching staff decided to pull the trigger on Clawson after watching his film and deciding that he fit the "Cougar profile."

"I've always wanted to be a Cougar and I'm a bit undersized to play on their three-man front," said Clawson. "I spoke to Coach Tidwell about playing outside linebacker. They watched film on me and felt that I could fit the profile. I came up here [Tuesday] and I spoke to Coach Mendenhall and the other coaches and he said he thinks I fit the Cougar profile. I definitely want to be here and I want to be a Cougar. I called my wife and we talked about it. I wanted to stay close to home and spoke her, and we are going to have a family here soon, so I wanted to stay close to home. I got the okay from her and so I committed to BYU."

"As a person, [Clawson] has great integrity," said Coach Ah You. "He's a humble kid and looks like a clean-cut return missionary, but on the field he'll punch you right in the mouth. He's our team leader, and he and David Hola are our team leaders. We're ranked number-one in the J.C. Gridwire, and also the NJCAA, and those two are some of the big reasons why."

Though Clawson will play outside linebacker for BYU, he has racked up some impressive stats from his defensive end position so far this season.

"[Clawson] has around 11 sacks and around 43 tackles with 13 tackles for a loss," said Coach Ah You. "He's quick and aggressive and BYU is getting a really good player in Coleby Clawson."

"I'm just super aggressive," said Clawson. "I play smash-mouth football and I just like so many different things about playing the sport. I like winning and working with my teammates to win and make big plays. I just can't even describe how excited I am to be a Cougar. I got a permanent grin on my face. I'm ready to come in and learn the new position and get going."

BYU also extended another scholarship offer to 6-foot-5-inch, 300-pound offensive tackle Andrew Mitchell, a teammate of Clawson's who made the trip to BYU with him. Mitchell has received interest from Arizona State, Arizona, Oklahoma State, South Florida, Troy, Kansas State, North Carolina State, Oregon and Oregon State. Coach Ah You said that Mitchell has trips to Oklahoma State, Arizona and Arizona State already set up.

"[Mitchell] didn't commit, but he said it will probably come down to signing day before he decides," said Coach Ah You. "He's not quite sure what he wants to do at this point. He has a lot of great offers, such as Oklahoma State, Arizona and Arizona State. He has a lot of really good offers. He's from Oklahoma and I think he kind of wants to be close to home, but at the same time he wants to be a part of [a good] football program and a good school. He's LDS and he served a mission to California."

Total Blue Sports will follow up with Mitchell to get his thoughts and feelings on his recent BYU scholarship offer once he returns home from BYU.

In the meantime, BYU fans can welcome their newest Cougar recruit, and in closing, Coleby Clawson made this comment to BYU fans around the world: "I'm very excited to be a part of a great school and a great tradition here at BYU. I'm excited to represent our church on the field, and what we stand for both on and off the field."

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