Cougar Curve: BYU 48, San Diego State 27

Grades are in for every position group following Saturday's thumping of the Aztecs. While the offensive output was what most expected, the Aztecs got a few too many yards and points. Nevertheless, it was a very solid outing to cap off the regular season.

Quarterback: B

Max Hall quietly went about his business and ended up with an efficient game, going 19 of 26 for 227 yards and three touchdowns. The game was controlled by the Cougar running game, which ran rampant over a weak Aztec defensive front. Hall did what was needed to be done, as the running attack took center stage in Anae's offensive game plan.

Running Back: A

What more could you ask for from Harvey Unga and company? Unga ran very well, accounting for 161 yards and three touchdowns on 23 carries. He also caught a touchdown pass, and contributed well and often throughout the game.

There has been a Fui Vakapuna sighting. Vakapuna looked to regain at least some of his pre-injury form, running the ball 14 times for 97 yards and a touchdown. He followed his blocks well and kept it north and south. Manase Tonga also had a nice game, gaining 36 yards on 10 carries.

Wide Receiver: B

Like it was with the quarterback position, the wide receivers weren't asked to do much. Austin Collie, Michael Reed and Matt Allen combined to catch 10 balls for 125 yards and a touchdown. The touchdown came courtesy of a spectacular one-handed snag by Collie.

Tight End: B

Dennis Pitta was again relatively quiet, as teams begin to clue in on the fact that the outstanding sophomore tight end needs to be accounted for heavily on just about every down. Pitta was effective though, catching four passes for 47 yards and a touchdown.

Vic So'oto got into the act and played well, catching two passes for 26 yards. He also was blocking extremely well throughout the game, adding to the dominant Cougar ground attack.

Offensive Line: A

There weren't many flaws in the overall play of this unit during Saturday's game. They were expected to dominate the point of attack against a very weak Aztec defensive front-seven, and did just that. The pass protection was very good as well, as Hall took very few hits during the game.

Defensive Line: C+

The first half wasn't one of this group's better halves of football. The Cougars rushed with only three or four people on passing plays, and were very ineffective in getting to the quarterback.

The second half saw the defensive line, led by super sophomore Jan Jorgensen, become much more effective at rushing Kevin O'Connell. Collectively, it wasn't one of the better efforts by this group, although they did limit an awful Aztec running attack from gaining any ground on them.

Linebacker: B

O'Connell ran for too many yards when he rushed out of the pocket, and there was an overall lack of plays made by the linebackers, which is unusual. They were solid, but hardly spectacular as a unit throughout the course of the game.

Safety: B

Kellen Fowler continued to show well, making some nice hits in the middle of the field and knocking down several passes. Corby Hodgkiss meanwhile had what could be considered as a so-so outing.

Cornerback: B

It was a little bit of both from the Cougar corners. Both Ben Criddle and Kayle Buchanan made some great plays on the ball, but 288 yards allowed through the air is too many. Granted, O'Connell and company had the best passing attack BYU has faced since Tulsa, and they did hold them under 300 yards, which warrants a B grade in my mind.

Special Teams: C-

The kick coverage was very good once again, but the kicking left a lot to be desired. C.J. Santiago was aided by a very fortunate bounce on his only punt, while Mitch Payne struggled. Anyone else a little tired of extra points not being sure things with BYU? Too many kicks going out of bounds, along with the missed extra point, leads to a below-average grade.

Offensive MVP: Harvey Unga

Defensive MVP: Jan Jorgensen

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