Texas WR Considering BYU

During BYU's last summer camp, there was a wide receiver - Ross Apo - that stood out among the many that attended. In fact, he was given the nickname of "Randy Ross" by fellow campers in attendance. Total Blue Sports caught up with the Texas speedster to get his thoughts on his past season's performance and BYU's successful year.

Ross Apo only played in four games during the regular season at a private school called Arlington Oakridge High School before he suffered a season-ending injury.

"My season was fine [during] the games that I was able to play in, but the team that I play for kind of struggled a bit because we are a young team," said Apo. "About the fourth game of the season, I was playing on defense and I broke my wrist and was out for the rest of the year.

"My quarterback that came out with me to the BYU summer camp…tore his ACL in about the second game. It was a tough year for us. We've got some new players coming in next year, so I won't have to play defense next season. I can then just concentrate on playing wide receiver on offense."

Apo was playing for and attending Trinity High School last year, but transferred to Arlington Oakridge High School for this past season. There, he not only played wide receiver, but also played the safety position. It was while playing safety that Apo broke his wrist. He said he got his cast off about three weeks ago.

Having transferred to Arlington Oakridge High School, Apo had to be set back a year.

"When I transferred they put me back to play an extra year," said Apo. "My dad just told me that it would be better for me to stay back a year so I can catch up on my education. It really didn't hurt me and is kind of better that I did that so I can focus on those things more."

Apo was a sophomore receiver last year and will be heading into his junior season next year.

Against Frisco Legacy Christian in his first game, Apo had four catches for 84 yards and one touchdown. Against TC-Cedar Hill High School in his second game, he had seven receptions for 107 yards. In his third game he only recorded 29 yards on five receptions, and recorded six receptions for 59 yards against Trinity Valley, the game in which he broke his wrist.

Despite the injury, Apo claims he was still one of the top wide receivers at a private school in the state of Texas.

"I was leading all the receivers at the private schools in yards before I got hurt," said Apo. "After I got hurt everyone caught up to me. I think I'm still on the receiving list though at number 12 among private schools just from playing four games. I guess I did alright when I was able to play."

While on defense as a safety, Apo fared very well there too.

"I was leading our defense in tackles," said Apo. "I don't know the exact number, but I know that I had more than our linebackers. This was the first time that I've ever played on defense because I'm usually just on offense playing receiver."

So what did Apo think of playing on the defensive side of the ball?

"It was alright," Apo said. "I don't really like playing on defense. I'm an offense guy and I told my coaches that I would rather just play offense. [My coach] said next year I'll be able to do that."

This upcoming summer, Apo plans on attending a few summer camps where he can show off his abilities on the field.

"Yeah, I plan on going out to BYU's summer camp next summer," Apo said. "I think my dad wanted me to go to Cal or to some other places like that, but I'm definitely going back to BYU's summer camp for sure though."

It's not very often that a tall, speedy wide receiver from the state of Texas takes a liking to BYU. With 6-foot-4-inch, 197-pound Apo, that just happens to be the case.

"I've grown a bit since I was at the BYU summer camp and just haven't stopped," said Apo. "I don't know why but I've been keeping up with my speed."

So how fast is he?

"Well, the last time I was timed it was by my football coach," said Apo. "He timed me in the forty at a 4.52."

Currently Apo is playing basketball with his high school team to ensure he keeps his quickness for when it's time to lace up those football cleats.

"I want to make sure I keep my agility and everything up," said Apo. "I play forward for my team and have been dunking on a couple of people too. I think I average around 15 points a game. Our guard is one of the top-ranked guards in the nation. His name is Chris Badd and he's really good and just shoots the ball all the time. I'm usually there for the rebound and get the chance to put it back up."

Apo has been receiving letters from BYU and questionnaires and letters from other schools as well.

"I get the packets [of letters] from BYU," said Apo. "BYU is one of my top schools and I've been getting some letters and other things from other schools as well. I've got them all hanging on my wall."

So does that mean if BYU offers him a scholarship he'll commit?

"Well, I would have to give it some time and think about it," said Apo. "I would like to talk it over with my dad. He said for me to just wait and to see what options I have in the future, but BYU is definitely one of my top schools."

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