Paul and Chambers a Package Deal

Kedron Paul and O'Neill Chambers, both from Harmony, Florida, are intent on playing together at the next level. Having grown up together, the two best friends are intent on staying together and playing on the same team in college. Whatever school they decide to sign with will have two very fine athletes in their arsenal.

Kedron Paul

O'Neill Chambers

"We're definitely going to sign with the same school," said Kedron Paul regarding the signing plans of both himself and O'Neill Chambers. "We're best friends and we've wanted to sign with the same school for a long time."

So what school will be the one to earn the services of the two exceptional athletes, who collectively dominated the offensive stat sheet for their Harmony High School football team?

"I have a lot of offers still," said Chambers. "The schools I'm really thinking about are BYU and Purdue. It's almost definitely going to be between those two schools."

While Paul doesn't hold quite the amount of offers that his teammate does, he does hold offers from the likes of BYU, Purdue, Texas Tech and Texas A&M, among other schools. Having those offers from both BYU and Purdue indeed strengthens the probability of either school earning the services of both Paul and Chambers.

Both are coming off very impressive senior campaigns, which saw the 5-foot-9-inch, 165-pound Paul lead the team in rushing and finish second in receiving to Chambers. Paul had 46 rushes for 730 yards, 16 catches for 230 yards, and 13 combined touchdowns. Paul also returned kicks for his team and returned two for scores. Paul has blazing speed, having recorded a 4.4 forty in a scout combine over the summer.

But it's the defensive side of the ball where Paul will most likely be playing at the next level. Paul played almost every rep on both sides of the ball and saw success at both running back and cornerback.

"I had four interceptions and 46 tackles," said Paul. "I know that defense is where I'm suited best to play in college, so I'm fine with being recruited as a cornerback. A few schools have mentioned that they'll give me a shot at the slot or returning kicks, which I like a lot."

Chambers meanwhile measures in at 6 feet 3 inches and 205 pounds, and runs a 4.6 forty. He led his high school squad in receiving with 38 catches for 910 yards and 11 touchdowns. Chambers is intent on playing for a wide-open offensive attack that throws the football a lot.

"That's what I like most about BYU and Purdue and is why they're my top two schools," said Chambers. "Both schools throw it a lot. I really liked Purdue's quarterback when I was on my visit there and liked that he was only a freshman. I'd really like to play with him since he's a great guy and is so good."

Both Paul and Chambers will be making their official visit to BYU on January 11, and are anxious to get to know the school and the players better.

"I don't know BYU's quarterback as well as Purdue's, but I do know that BYU always has great quarterbacks," said Chambers. "I know that they have a great offense that throws it a lot, so that's what I like."

In the meantime, Cougar coaches have made it a point to camp out in and around Harmony, Florida in their time before the Las Vegas Bowl. Cougar assistant coach Patrick Higgins made the rounds last week, and both Paul and Chambers were able to meet with the Cougars' wide receiver coach.

"I was able to talk with [Coach Higgins], and it was great," said Chambers. "He talked a lot about what BYU was and what was expected of the athletes that sign there. It all sounded good to me. I knew all about BYU before and it just sort of confirmed what I already knew, but it all sounded good."

But BYU wasn't done with just sending Coach Higgins out. This week both players have met time and again with defensive back coach Jaime Hill. Indeed, Hill has gotten a lot of face time with Paul, something the talented athlete is thankful for.

"[Coach Hill is] a great guy and I know he'd be a great coach to play for," said Paul. "He's meeting with my family tonight and we'll see how that goes."

Chambers mentioned that his family was also able to meet with Hill and came away impressed.

"My mom really liked him," said Chambers. "My dad really wanted to be here to meet him, but he's in Hawaii right now. But both coaches were great and really made me feel like BYU was a good place for me."

Both Chambers and Paul are intent to not tip their hand to anyone in regards to where they'll end up signing. Chambers is intent on the making letter of intent day the first day fans of any school will know of where he has chosen to attend school.

"I don't want to commit somewhere and just change my mind," said Chambers. "I have a good idea of where I'll sign, but it's not final until I sign, so when me and Kedron sign, everyone will know, but not until then."

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