Tenney to Walk On

BYU recently secured the services of Stetson Tenney, who will be enrolling this coming semester and will be raring to go come spring practices. Tenney recently returned home from his mission to Arkansas, and upon his return he received the offer he'd been waiting for.

"I've always wanted to play for BYU, said Stetson Tenney. "It's really a dream come true for me to have the chance. I had a few other offers after my mission, but having the opportunity to walk on at BYU is my best offer and is what I'll be doing."

Tenney is a 6-foot-5-inch, 295-pound offensive lineman from Show Low, Arizona. Tenney's resume includes two straight year's being named as first-team all-state at the offensive line position, and winning the state championship in wrestling his senior year.

Following his senior season, Tenney had some interest from some colleges, but nothing major.

"BYU showed a little interest, but not much," recalled Tenney. "Utah State showed the most interest and wanted me to come visit, although they didn't officially offer me a scholarship."

So Tenney set about the process of sending out his high school footage to various schools around the country, hoping to pick up some interest upon his return. The interest did come, and Tenney was immediately greeted by some offers when he returned from the Arkansas Little Rock Mission.

"I had offers from Northern Arizona and Idaho," said Tenney. "I visited Idaho on a visit and I'm thankful that they offered me. It's nice to have options when you get home since I was really wondering while I was on my mission whether I'd play football again or not."

Of course, the inquiry that grabbed Tenney's attention most was BYU's interest in him. Over this past summer, Tenney received a letter in the mail that sparked a lot of interest.

"I received a letter from Coach Mendenhall telling me that he and the other coaches would like to extend an invitation to me to walk on when I got back from my mission," said Tenney. "Getting that letter was just an awesome feeling since I've always wanted to be a Cougar."

When Tenney got back in early December, he began the process of finding which school suited him best. He visited BYU prior to his visit to Idaho.

"Going to BYU and just sitting in meetings, touring the facilities and all that was just awesome," said Tenney. "The feeling you got while being there and the energy from the team just makes you want to be part of it that much more."

Tenney spent his time on his visit attending practice and sitting in on team meetings.

"The team meeting was great. They all got together and didn't really talk about football. They had a prayer and other stuff, and you could really feel the spirit there," related Tenney.

Following the team meeting, Tenney topped it off by attending the offensive line position meeting and a practice session.

"I love Coach Weber," said Tenney. "You could tell that he's very confident and knows exactly what to do when preparing for an opponent. I was very impressed."

As mentioned, Tenney has enrolled for this coming semester, and will immediately compete in spring practices, where he hopes to help out the team where he can.

"I'm just really excited to be a Cougar," said Tenney. "I'm excited to play football again and we'll just see how spring practices go. I'm going to BYU to help out wherever I can, to work hard and make the most of my opportunity. BYU isn't only a great school, it's a top-20 program in the nation. To have the opportunity to play for a school that offers all the spiritual stuff and still be a top-20 program is really a dream come true."

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