Holt Represents Well In All-Star Game

Cougar commit Austin Holt competed Saturday in the Army All-American Bowl in San Antonio, Texas. For Holt, it was a chance to play with and go against the top players in the nation, of which he is one. Holt came away from the experience grateful and excited to show what he can do at the next level. TBS caught up with Holt following the game.

"Oh, it was a great experience," said Austin Holt regarding his week in San Antonio practicing for the All-Star game. "I learned a lot and really gained a lot of confidence going against the best in the country."

Indeed, every player Holt went up against will be signing with schools such as LSU, USC, Texas and all the other big-name schools around the nation. Holt will be inking with BYU and is excited for the faster pace of college football.

"It's the speed that increases in college," said Holt. "It's what everyone has told me is the biggest difference, and I could definitely see a little bit of that in today's game. Everything was faster and I think it was sort of the way it will be in college, so it was definitely a great experience to prep me in what college ball will be like."

Holt received his invite to compete in Saturday's national all-star game over the summer and has been anxious to get to San Antonio every since he received the invite.

"Getting an invite to this game was something I really wanted, so yeah, I've been anxious to play and to practice down here for a while now," said Holt. "Having a chance to go against the best in the country is an experience I really wanted."

Holt mentioned that it was a bit of a chore to get going again so soon after the long high school season. Over the course of a full practice regimen this past week, Holt regained some of his form and improved upon his game.

"I was real rusty going in," said Holt. "I think most of the other guys were too, but I really learned a lot. I was able to run more routes than I did in high school and was split out off the line of scrimmage a lot more, which I love."

Indeed, when viewing the game, the West All-Star's offensive formations mirrored what BYU runs in using multiple-receiver sets and one running back.

"Yeah, it seemed as if we were running exactly what I'll be running when I'm at BYU," mentioned Holt. "I love that and it's one of the big reasons I'm going to sign with BYU. I love to block, but I love to catch too, and with the offense we ran at Bingham I wasn't able to catch the ball all that much, but I know I'll be much more involved in the passing game at BYU."

Holt was involved in the offense Saturday, catching three passes while being split out wide for the better part of the game. Upon his return home, Holt is set to make his official visit to BYU with every other commit and recruit on BYU's list.

"I'm excited," said Holt regarding his impending visit. "It will be great to visit BYU again and meet all of the other guys who will be signing. I'll be heading down there with my teammates and we're all excited."

Sorensen shows well

Holt's former and future teammate Justin Sorensen also participated in the all-star game, handling the primary kicking duties for the West squad. During the game Sorensen kicked a field goal and represented well during kickoffs and punts.

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