Bol Excited To Get Going

Texas' L.D. Bell High School wide receiver and BYU commit Atem Bol finished up his prep-career after losing in the first round of the state playoffs. Now this native-born son of Sudan, Africa is ready to put on the blue and white of BYU and represent the Cougar nation at the next level.

It's easy to cheer for someone the likes of Atem Bol. His family came from war-torn Sudan to America in an effort to start a better life away from the troubles that currently rage through his childhood home. With life having changed about as quickly as he can run routes - Bol and his family have since converted to the LDS faith while in Texas, and the opportunity to attend his church's college has since become a reality - things are going very well for the Cougar commit.

"Yeah, I'm doing good," said Bol. "We didn't do as well as I would have liked to in my senior year, but I feel I had a pretty good year. I think I could have done better if we didn't lose our quarterback for the season. At the beginning of the year I think I was doing better as a receiver because we had our first-string quarterback in. We also lost one of our top cornerbacks on defense, and that didn't help us out either. I did have eight touchdowns on the season, but I don't know how many yards I had."

Despite L.D. Bell's setbacks, Bol was still his optimistic self, and after speaking to him it's easy to understand why. Knowing how far he and his family have come and the trials they faced while he was a young man have helped show how his character was molded into what it is now. Bol has taken his senior year in stride, knowing he has a full-ride scholarship offer and the chance to continue playing the sport he loves at BYU.

"Yes sir, I'm really excited about BYU," said Bol with a perk in his voice. "I'm really excited. Man, I can't wait to get out there and play. I just want to get out there."

When asked if he was still fully committed to BYU, Bol quickly said, "Yes sir, I'm still committed to BYU. I don't plan on going anywhere else but BYU."

Bol was able to watch BYU play Utah in a game that came down to the wire for the second season in a row. It's a game that is still fresh on his mind.

"It was pretty crazy at the end when BYU came back with little time left on the clock to score a touchdown to win the game, which was great," said Bol. "I was pretty excited when they did that."

That wasn't the only memorable and thrilling conclusion to a BYU game that Bol was able to witness.

"I was able to catch the very end of the [bowl] game," said Bol. "I had to work and was able catch the last minute of the game when they blocked that field goal, so I was able to watch that at the very end. That was just crazy. I'm happy to know that I'll hopefully be a part of this program and where it's going. The team is doing very well."

BYU will be hosting many recruits this weekend, one of which was supposed to be Bol. However, he won't be able to make it out for his official recruiting trip, but he does hope to be able to take an official trip soon.

"Yes sir, I wanted to come out there this weekend but I wasn't able to do so because we had some family problems," said Bol. "It'll probably be in about two weeks or so. I haven't scheduled a day yet but I hope I can. If I don't make it out for an official visit, I want to try and get up there during the summer time."

Currently, Bol is working on getting himself fully cleared and qualified under the NCAA Clearinghouse.

"I'm working to get everything taken care of right now," Bol said. "I'm still working on everything, but I'm confident I'll be qualified and ready to go."

Bol also said he has improved as a football player this year.

"I feel I was able to beat the corner coverages much better this year than last year," said Bol. "I also feel I caught the ball better as well. A lot of my improvement came from the seven-on-seven workouts and morning workouts and practices. I feel more comfortable within the position and have learned to us my abilities more effectively."

Now that football season is over, Bol is focusing on helping his high school basketball team have greater success than his football team achieved.

"Right now I'm playing forward on our basketball team," said Bol. "I'm just focusing on that right now and want to help the team do well. When I'm done with that, then I'm going to turn my focus on BYU football."

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