Big Change? Not Really

With Jaime Hill being named defensive coordinator on Thursday, surprisingly little is said to be changing at all in regards to how the defense will be run at BYU. Since his arrival, Coach Hill has played a huge part in the defensive scheming and game time adjustments. So what exactly will be changing with his new position as defensive coordinator?

"It will be the same, very similar to what we've done in the past," said Coach Hill regarding how he'll be handling his new responsibilities. "We've collaborated the last two years with what we do defensively, so nothing will really change in that regard."

Indeed, Coach Hill as the defensive backs coach has scouted out and then implemented the subsequent coverage schemes since he first arrived at BYU. He has worked with the other coaches in planning what they will be doing up front with the defensive line and linebackers accordingly.

"I'll be looking at the whole defense like I've been doing the last two years and I'll be doing all the game time adjustments," said Hill regarding his game time responsibilities. "I do all the adjustments anyway, so nothing will really change there."

So what will change, if anything? Is the change just in the title, or will Hill be taking on new responsibilities in addition to those he'd already undertaken in the past?

"The additional responsibility will now be calling some of the linebacker play as well in terms of the drops they do and how they defend the run," said head coach Bronco Mendenhall. "It will be an expansion in the overall area in what happens on the defense."

Mendenhall went on to mention that he's not ready to give up the play-calling responsibilities, but that he'll continue to rely heavily on Hill's input in that area during game time situations. Mendenhall also spoke of how much of a comfort it is to have coaches such as Coach Hill that he can depend on, as his head-coaching responsibilities make it difficult to devote much time to certain areas of the team.

Coach Hill said he's grateful to be able to get the promotion and stay in a coaching and living situation that he's become very comfortable with.

"We all get along very well," said Hill when asked about his relationship with the other coaches on the staff. "It's a pretty easy group. It's easy to collaborate on thoughts and ideas and concepts we have. We're of the same thought process with most of the staff."

While Hill had some other offers, he said he is thankful to be staying in Provo, as he's become very fond of the area.

"I've had some other opportunities, but this is where I wanted to be," said Hill. "Moving is not fun. It's really not fun and I told my wife that I'd stay here a while, so that was part of the process. It feels good and I'm looking forward to the new challenge."

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