Chambers Enjoys BYU Visit

O'neill Chambers from Harmony, Florida took an official trip to BYU this weekend and was accompanied by his mother, Linette Chambers. TBS caught up with Linette to learn of their impressions as they set to make the official announcement of where O'neill will sign come Letter of Intent Signing Day.

"We really loved our visit to BYU," said Linette Chambers, mother of O'neill Chambers, as she was driving home with her son from the airport following their visit. "BYU is certainly the type of place I'd want O'neill to attend with what they have to offer."

On their visit, the Chamberses were able to see BYU up close and personal. While they were both impressed with the football program, the facilities and other aspects, one aspect stood out among all others in the mind of Linette.

"It's the type of school where O'neill can go and get that degree," said Linette. "That's what I care about. Of course I want him to do well in football, but what I want as a mother more than anything is for him to have that paper in his hand after four years that he earned his degree. That is what a football scholarship is for in my mind."

Through their touring of the facilities and the campus in general, Linette felt that BYU was exactly the place her son needed to be to accomplish the goal of earning a scholarship that will most likely come from the engineering department.

"You just get a good feeling at BYU," said Linette. "We've been to other schools, but BYU was definitely different. We just felt that BYU had something unique."

While O'neill was familiar with BYU and already had a good impression of the school and of the program, Linette wanted to see the school up close. During the visit, Linette saw everything her son saw and maybe a little more.

"It was the people that impressed me most," said Chambers. "Everyone from the coaching staff, the players and just people we'd run into were so nice. It's a place where O'neill feels comfortable and like he fits in with what the most important thing for the students is there; that is to grow and to earn a degree."

On their visit, the Chamberses were able to attend a basketball game where they were amazed at the attention given to O'neill by fans.

"We had an older gentleman who I'd never met in my life come up and tell us how much they hoped O'neill would sign with BYU," said Linette while laughing. "I thought that was really neat. You could tell just how much fans love the football program here."

On Saturday, both mother and son were able to meet with head coach Bronco Mendenhall. Linette came away very impressed with what was said and presented to them.

"Coach Mendenhall is a very down-to-earth man," said Linette. "He's very direct and he tells you exactly like it is. As a mother I love that. I loved that we talked mostly about spiritual and educational things. We hardly talked about football, which I loved. Like I said, it's the degree and O'neill earning a degree that is most important to me as a mother."

One of the highlights of their visit was of course the snowmobiling. While O'neill went out to enjoy the activity in the deep snow, Linette stayed in the warm cabin, protected from the cold and snow they don't experience in Harmony, Florida. So was the snow and cold a drawback for the Chamberses?

"Not at all," said Linette. "I grew up in New York, so it was nothing new to me. I was actually expecting it to be a bit colder. Utah is a beautiful with all the mountains. I loved our visit, but we're certainly exhausted. It was a crazy weekend to be sure."

O'neill is holding off until Thursday to make his final decision public in regards to which school he'll sign with. TBS will follow up on Thursday and make a full report. Linette also informed TBS that BYU is still in contact with Kedron Paul and trying to schedule a trip for him in the next couple of weeks.

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