Te'o Reaffirms Commitment

Shiloah Te'o committed to BYU during summer camps this past June, sure that BYU was the place he'd sign his letter of intent with in February. Since that time, some things needed to be cleared up in his mind, but on the heels of a successful official visit, Te'o's commitment was renewed.

"I'm going to sign a letter of intent with BYU on February 6th," reaffirmed Shiloah Te'o. "Over my visit there I felt again the spirit and felt all the things I felt there over the summer that made me want to commit there in the first place."

Te'o came to BYU from Hawaii, where he starred at safety for the Kahuku Red Raiders. The 5 foot 11 inch, 185 pound Te'o had been receiving a lot of late interest. A lot of that interest came from the University of Utah, which Te'o had scheduled an official to this weekend.

"I'm not going to trip to Utah anymore," said Te'o. "There is no reason to since I'm now totally committed to BYU. There were some questions I had before my official visit to BYU when I scheduled my trip to Utah, but I don't have those concerns anymore."

Te'o's concerns centered around Cougar coaches mentioning to Te'o that they may start him out playing linebacker when he first arrived at BYU in his initial season.

"That's really all it was," said Te'o. "I remembered them mentioning to me that they might start me out at linebacker, so I felt my commitment was a bit softer than it might have been since I wanted to compete for safety right away. For that reason, I considered my commitment soft until I spoke again with the coaches on my official trip."

During his trip, Te'o sat down with coaches and they told him what he needed to hear. Te'o will be competing for the safety spot from day one and will work to contribute at that position as soon as he's able to.

"It really wasn't that big of a deal," said Te'o. "I just needed to talk to them and clear up some things. Coach Mendenhall told me they never really had any intention of having me play linebacker and that was all I needed to hear."

During his trip, Te'o enjoyed meeting his future teammates and being shown around by his official host, Vic So'oto.

"I met Vic at summer camp and requested that he would be my host since I got a long with him so well over the summer," said Te'o. "I also met all of my future teammates and man, we're going to be good. I loved meeting guys like Garrett [Nicholson], O'neill [Chambers], the Sorensens, Uona [Kaveinga] and Austin [Holt]. All of them, I really can't name them all. I just got a long with everyone."

For Te'o, it was the original sense of belonging and the spirit that had him committed to BYU before. Over his official visit, Te'o reaffirmed those feelings while clearing up the aforementioned concern with coaches. "I'm going to play for BYU," said Te'o. "The feeling you get being there and just knowing that you're going to be playing for that program and for a coach like Coach Mendenhall is just right. It's a powerful feeling that I reconfirmed this past weekend."

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