Chambers Sold On BYU

O'neill Chambers from Harmony, Florida made his commitment official on Thursday during a press conference at his high school. The school Chambers committed to was BYU, which he'd been sold on for quite a while now. TBS caught up with Chambers to learn of his commit and his trip this past weekend.

"I committed to BYU on my trip, but waited to make it public until today," said O'neill Chambers on Thursday. "I've been intending to commit to BYU for a while now, but just waited until my parents learned more about it and my mom visited the school."

O'neill is a 6-foot-3-inch, 205-pound wide receiver prospect who grew to know BYU and what they offered over summer camps this past June. During that time, he felt that BYU was the type of place he wanted to attend school and play football for.

"I really made my decision to commit to BYU about two months ago," said O'neill. "I decided with my friend Kedron Paul that we wanted to go to BYU. I just wanted my mom to visit there and for my dad to learn more about the school, so I waited to commit to the coaches there."

During his visit, O'neill's commitment became all that more strong after touring the facilities, going snowmobiling, meeting with coaches and doing everything else involved with an official recruiting visit.

"It was my first time ever seeing snow," said O'neill. "It was sort of weird, but cool. We went up snowmobiling and that was some of the most fun I've ever had in my life. That was a blast."

But for O'neill, the clincher was meeting his future teammates and learning from them what BYU was. He credits his official host, linebacker Terrance Hooks, for helping him know how life was around Provo.

"I really got along well with Terrance," mentioned O'neill. "He really spent time with me to explain to me how things were and I really appreciated that. It wasn't just him though; I really got along with everyone. Guys like Brandon Howard and Brandon Bradley. They have some great guys playing there and I'm excited to be their teammate. We're already friends."

During his visit, O'neill met with Cougar head coach Bronco Mendenhall and was impressed with what was said in his meeting with him.

"Coach Mendenhall is a great man," said O'neill. "He talked mostly about being successful as a person and in school and then a little bit about football. You could tell that he really cares about his players."

In prior interviews, O'neill's mother Linette had made it well-known that the most important thing for her son is that he earns his degree.

"Yeah, that's the most important thing for her and the most important thing for me," said O'neill regarding him getting a degree. "BYU is a place where I feel I can concentrate on my studies and get my degree."

Linette Chambers said she couldn't care all that much about what her son does on the football field relative to what he does in the classroom.

"It doesn't matter to me if I never see him play on TV," said Linette. "I don't care if he just sits there and pouts on the bench for four straight years; I want him to get that degree. That is what it's all about for me and hopefully for him. That's the most important thing in getting a football scholarship: that he'll have a chance to earn a degree."

O'neill does intend on playing some good football along with the primary goal of earning a degree, however.

"Coach Anderson here in Florida has shown me all the games BYU has played this year," said O'neill. "I could see that it's exactly the type of offense I want to play in. They're wide-open and don't just focus on getting it to one player. They spread it around, and I think the offense is perfect for me and my abilities."

O'neill's abilities include above-average strength and size for a wide receiver, a very good vertical leap, great lateral movement and good straight-ahead speed. With him, the Cougars will have a receiver who can get off the line better than most receivers and make plays down the field.

"Yeah, I'm pretty strong," affirmed O'neill. "I'm confident in my abilities to get off the line and beat people in the open field."

It's these abilities that earned O'neill a bevy of offers from some of the top programs in the nation. Florida, Georgia, Clemson, Maryland, Purdue, Texas Tech and many others all held scholarship offers for Chambers, but in the end, BYU was the school to earn his services.

"It's just a place where I feel comfortable," said Chambers. "It's everything from the atmosphere, how they play football and the coaching staff that made me want to commit. The players and coaches really feel like family to me. You can tell that they really care about you personally and in your success on and off the football field. That's why I chose to commit to BYU."

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