Spanish Fork Star Receiving Much Attention

Spanish Fork junior Richard Wilson has been receiving letters from a number of football programs, some of which are some of the best in the nation. However, despite that, Wilson still currently favors the school that first started recruiting him: BYU.

"Things are going really good for me," said Richard Wilson. "I've been training out at Velocity up in Lehi, and have been working out up there for about three weeks now.

Velocity is a paid training program where athletes are trained by various coaches for personal enhancements in multiple skills.

"It's like a SPARQ training almost," Wilson said. "They help you work on speed, quickness and strength. They have different coaches for everything they do. I pay monthly and you can go up there as many times as you want to and train for an hour and a half for every session. I go about four times a week.

"We start with a warm up and then we go and do quickness stuff. We work out with bungees to work on our form. After that we'll do some key lifts to get stronger, but I'm working out four times in the morning at my school, so I'm not working too hard on that part over there as much as I am at my school."

So what are this junior prospect's current weight lifting numbers?

"I currently squat 450 right now," said Wilson. "My bench is at 280 right now and my clean is at 255. I wrote down all these goals at the end of the season and I want to get my bench up to 300, my squat up to 500 and my power cleans up to 285."

For the past three weeks that Wilson has been attending the Velocity workouts, he's noticed an increase in all aspects of his performances.

"My vertical has gone up three inches, and so far my forty time has gone down about a half a tenth," said Wilson. "It's helped me a lot in only three weeks. Right now I run about a 4.62 forty. Right now my goal is get my speed down to about a 4.5 before I start my senior year."

A linebacker or even a tight end the likes of Wilson - who currently measures in at about 6 feet 4 inches and 223 pounds, and has a great work ethic - would be a great asset to any football program.

"The doctor told me that the shortest I would probably be was 6'5". If I can get that big and keep my speed, that would be very good. That's what I'm shooting for," said Wilson.

Wilson currently has plans to visit BYU.

"Yeah, [BYU is] still sending me letters and I plan on being up there for Junior Day," said Wilson. "I plan on coming down there with both my mom and my dad.

BYU was the first to recruit the Spanish Fork star. Since then, more colleges from all across the country have followed suit.

"Utah is sending me letters, and Colorado has been sending me some," said Wilson. "Oregon, [Arizona State], Ohio State, Florida [have as well], and so I've been getting a lot of letters lately. I just sent out my highlight film…and have been getting a lot of letters back."

With Wilson being an LDS athlete with mission plans, and with the fact that BYU is in his backyard and was the first school to start recruiting him, Wilson is currently favoring the Cougars despite having grown up a Ute fan.

"Yeah, right now BYU is my top [choice]," Wilson said. "I just want to see how it all works out, but for now BYU is my number-one right now."

Although BYU has been recruiting Wilson, he still isn't quite sure what position he would be playing at the college level since he currently plays multiple positions, whether on offense and defense, for Spanish Fork High School.

"My head football coach has been telling me that I need to play linebacker because I would have a pretty good chance of playing linebacker in college just because of my build," said Wilson

Wilson has heard from another BYU commit that they may be offering him a scholarship soon.

"I'm really good friends with Cameron Comer, and he's heard that BYU is probably going to offer me soon," said Wilson. "I'm hoping they do, but I don't know."

Comer, a BYU cornerback commit that played for rival high school Springville, has been a close friend of Wilson's ever since Wilson could remember.

"Me and Cameron have been really good friends since we were little," said a chuckling Wilson. "We've been friends for as long as I can remember. I actually grew up in Springville and I just knew him from always playing sports. I don't even remember how we met really. We just always played sports and thought we were kind of cool because we were the black kids hanging out with each other."

Having faced Comer on the field personally, Wilson feels Comer is going to be a good prospect for BYU in the future.

"He's a tall, quick corner," Wilson said. "He's pretty physical and he's going to do good. He's just a natural athlete."

As of late, Wilson has been following the recruiting situation between BYU and two top LDS football athletes in Hamani Stevens and Uona Kaveinga.

"I just hope that if my times comes, that I don't get too stressed out about that," said Wilson.

Wilson and a few members of his family have been to a few of BYU's home games this season to watch the Cougars in action.

"I really enjoyed BYU season this year and even went to a few of their games," said Wilson. "I had really good seats and took my family with me. It was a lot of fun."

One game Wilson wasn't able to attend was the BYU vs. Utah game. As previously mentioned, Wilson grew up a Utah fan, and in addition a few of his family members are Utah fans as well. A divided Wilson family watched BYU's second-consecutive dramatic come-from-behind win over the University of Utah.

"I didn't have tickets for that game because I waited too long, so I just watched it at home with my family," said a chuckling Wilson. "I was cheering mostly for BYU. My family on both sides of my mother and father are BYU fans except for one of my uncles and my dad. Everyone was talking about it and I'm just glad BYU won. I like Utah too, but it was just good to see BYU win the game. My dad wasn't too happy about it, but I was. Everyone was arguing about it, saying who was better and stuff like that. It was fun."

Despite wearing the red and white on his heart, Richard's father Mark fully supports his son's decision no matter where he decides to play college football.

"Yeah, my dad is a big Ute fan," said Wilson. "My dad just told me that he 100 percent backs me up wherever I go. He said just wherever I feel I should go, that's where I should go."

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