Markham Fits the Bill

During Wednesday's LOI luncheon, Coach Mendenhall mentioned that he and his staff will be working hard to identify and bring in hybrid-type athletes. Coaches are making a concerted effort to bring in athletes that could develop into a number of positions and that measure in at about 6 feet 2-to-4 inches and 210-to-230 pounds. Brad Markham from Banks High School in Oregon fits that bill.

Brad Markham is a 6-foot-3-inch, 210-pound running back who was a late-bloomer in developing into his position. Markham played a little bit of defense along with running back and will be walking on to BYU with preferred status following his mission, which he'll leave for after one semester at BYU.

"I'm going to attend BYU and greyshirt my first year, so I'll have all of my eligibility left when I get back," said Brad Markham. "I've always dreamed of playing for BYU and to have that opportunity is all I ever wanted."

As mentioned, Markham is a bit of a late bloomer, having played running back for only a year after being somewhat buried in the politics of playing quarterback for his high school team. After it became apparent that he wouldn't be playing quarterback, Markham switched positions and thrived.

Markham finished out the season rushing the ball 104 times for 714 yards and nine touchdowns, earning himself First-Team All-League honors despite logging almost no time playing running back for the first half of the season.

Markham comes from what could easily be defined as a BYU family. From an early age, BYU was the school the family always followed and cheered for. When Markham was first contacted by BYU coaches about the possibility of playing for the Cougars, it was obviously an exciting prospect.

"I've been in contact with Coach Lamb a lot over the past year," said Markham. "He mentioned to me that if I had sent them tape after my junior year showing what I showed my senior year … they would very likely have offered me a scholarship."

Markham is very aware that a scholarship may yet come his way if he shows well on the practice field following his mission. Being so young and undeveloped in the likely positions he'll be playing while at BYU makes Markham's prospects intriguing.

"Coach Lamb wants me to play linebacker for him, but he told me that Coach Anae, after seeing my film, really wants me to play offense," said Markham. "I really don't care, to be honest with you, where I play. I just want to play and help out most wherever the coaches put me at."

Given the option, Markham admits that running back is where he'd like to play most, and that is the position he'll most likely start out at following his mission.

"I love offense," said Markham. "Coach Lamb told me they thought I could play running back for them, but I definitely have options and we'll just have to see how it works out."

Given his current height and weight, Markham's options are numerous in regards to where he'll end up playing. Should he stay around his current weight, a future at weakside linebacker or running back would be in order. Should he bulk up much, he could very well be seeing time at strongside linebacker, tight end or even defensive end.

"I feel like I could definitely put on at least 20 more pounds if they want me to," said Markham. "I just want to play for BYU. I'll play wherever they want me to play and I'll help out wherever I can."

With Markham set to play for BYU following his mission, he may be starting a line of Markhams who will be logging time for the Cougar football team in the future.

"My younger brothers are very good players," said Markham. "I have a 15-year-old brother, Brock, who plays receiver and defensive back, and then my 11-year-old brother Garrett, who plays quarterback. They're both very good and Coach Lamb is already asking about Brock."

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