Comer Is Sweet And Simple On Signing Day

The Northwest's third-rated cornerback and 40th overall prospect by was so excited to finally become a Cougar that he didn't mind not having any fanfare on signing day. Now Comer looks to join the 14th-ranked Cougars squad this coming fall.

It's not that often BYU gets a 6-foot-1-inch, 180-pound athlete out of high school to play cornerback, but that's exactly what the Cougars got in future cornerback Cameron Comer.

Comer lived in San Francisco as a young boy, but later moved to Boise before moving up to Utah at about the time he was in the seventh grade. Comer had no choice when it came to being a Cougar fan; his mother, aunts, uncles, grandmother and grandfather are all rabid Cougar fans.

For many kids across the country, media cameras flashed as reporters swarmed for questions amid hanging celebratory displays marking the occasion. For Comer, a simple signing of the paper and faxing it in would do. A simple signature was all that was needed from him to feel gratified; he was now a Cougar and no one could take that away from him.

"There wasn't anything like that because I was the only one in my school that is going on to play football," said Comer of press conferences on signing day. "I didn't want to make it a big, huge deal or anything like that. I just kind of did it really quick and that was good enough for me."

During the early stages of the recruiting process, Comer was courted by California, Colorado and Michigan, which invited him out to see some of the Wolverines' games. Later, Comer would receive attention from Arizona State, Illinois, Oregon, Oregon State and Washington State.

Comer was invited to numerous summer camps by different universities. However, when he met with Coach Mendenhall, he was told that once he committed to BYU, it wasn't necessary to go visit other schools.

Yet despite all the early attention, Comer committed to Coach Mendenhall and his church's college located right in his own backyard. The 37th-ranked cornerback (by rankings) in the nation would decide to take up every expectation that comes from donning the "Y" symbol, the very same symbol located on the face of the Wasatch Front that he grew up under.

"I'm excited to be a Cougar," said Comer. "I'm looking forward to it. I think I'll be able to do some good things there and help my teammates. I think I'll bring a lot of speed and can definitely shut down receivers.

During his meeting with Comer in his office, Coach Mendenhall made a point that if Comer did commit to him, and even if other coaches knew he was committed to BYU, meeting with other coaches would leave the door open for them to continue to recruit him. There was no need to tell Comer this, however, because he felt within his heart that once he had committed there was no reason to continue tempting other options.

"I expect to continue building this team so we can become more successful during the next couple of years," Comer said. "I think BYU fans expect a lot of great things and I think we should expect the same things from ourselves."

Comer feels at this point in time he will join cornerbacks G Pittman and Brannon Brooks to play four or five straight years depending on his on-the-field progress.

To view one of BYU's newest Cougars from the 2008 recruiting class, visit Comer's bio page here, where you can also find his video highlights located towards the bottom.

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