CB Cliff Harris Is Taking His Time

Edison High School athlete Cliff Harris already has options as a junior cornerback. To date, Harris has scholarship offers - four in all - extended to him from the Pac-10, MWC and the Big-XII conferences.

It appears BYU is in the hunt for a highly rated cornerback out of California. Cliff Harris is a 6-foot, 155-pound football player that already has quite a few offers early in the recruiting season.

"I'm not sure how fast I am so I couldn't really tell you," said Harris. "I play defensive back and a little receiver. I just like to make plays and I'm a playmaker. I like to just go out there and go all-out. I like playing cornerback better because that's what I'm best at."

Harris might not be certain how fast he is, but he must be fast enough. Harris not only plays cornerback for his high school football team, but he also returns kicks and has had quite a lot of success at both positions.

"Last year I had nine interceptions," Harris said. "Three of them got called back though, and I don't remember how many tackles I had. I had three touchdowns on kickoff returns. That's my second-favorite thing … playing on special teams."

Recruiting is a new experience for many high school athletes across the country. Often times many prospects know right away where they want to go, while others want to take it slow and methodical.

"Right now I just got a new offer from USC," Harris said. "It was a written offer. I went down there for their Junior Day, and then later on they gave me the paper."

So what does Harris think of USC?

"They're a really good school with a big tradition and they're close to home," said Harris. "They're one of the top programs in the nation every year, so they're a good program."

However, Harris isn't so quick to pull the trigger for the Trojans. Instead, he wants to take a more methodical approach to see which program fits him the best.

"I'm just not ready to do that yet," he said. "I'm new to this recruiting stuff so I want to make the most of it to learn more about what is best for me. I don't really have a favorite right now."

Along with USC, Harris has received offers from Utah, Arizona and BYU, and is getting looked at by some other schools.

"I was being looked at by Fresno but they're not really recruiting me that hard, so I don't know. I'm getting recruited the hardest by Oregon, but they haven't offered me."

Harris has been out to the Arizona campus and liked what he saw.

"It's good and they're a program on the rise," Harris said. "Stoops is out there and I feel like I could go out there and come out a lot better than what I am now. It was a good feel and I like the atmosphere but I just don't know yet.

With it still being early in the recruiting process, Harris is still trying to learn more about the schools that have offered him scholarships, including Utah and BYU.

"Utah is a good program too," said Harris. "I haven't really been watching them but I have been talking to their coach and everything. I've just been talking with the coaches. I saw them on TV a couple of times, but not that much.

"I don't really know too much about BYU. To tell you the truth, I don't know too much about them. I haven't really gotten too much mail from them. I'm just trying to learn more about schools by looking online, but they haven't really been recruiting me that much either."

"[BYU is a] really good program and they always have good athletes that compete there," said Harris' position coach Tony Perry. "They always have good quarterbacks [and] receivers, and when you play them you know they're going to be competitive."

Harris, who is not LDS and doesn't know much about BYU's honor code, is looking for a couple of things that will attract him to a college.

"I'm looking at how the coach is," Harris said. "I'm looking at the background of the school and what kind of a program they have. I want to know if they're a program on the rise or where they're at."

"Cliff is a really nice guy and a hard working kid," said Coach Perry. "His talent level is amazing and as an athlete is one of our top kids. He has a very [high] skill level. I know that there are some schools that have offered him. He's just focusing on track right now."

At college, Harris wants to study business. He also expressed that one of the more important issues for him in regards to choosing a school is how he feels within the environment. On top of that, he also wants to see how much playing time he could get and how early he would be able to contribute to the team.

"I would have to say the most important thing for me is environment and playing time," Harris said. "I want to feel comfortable where I'm at."

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