BYU Top Choice For Nevada WR

Coach Mendenhall and his staff are building a top-notch program to compete against the elite programs of the country. To help accomplish its goals, the Cougar coaching staff has extended a full-ride scholarship offer to one of the top athletes to come out of McQueen High School in Nevada.

Currently, Kyle Van Noy is the primary receiver for a run-bases McQueen High School offense. When he's not blocking and developing that side of his game, the big 6-foot-4-inch, 205-pound athlete enjoys being a weapon in the passing game.

"I play wide receiver right now on offense and like that position," said Van Noy. "Our offense is a run-based offense and so I'm a big blocker, and I like to be the go-to guy when we need a big play when passing the ball. I have speed on the outside and can use my height advantage to help in the passing game."

As an outside receiver, speed and size are attributes that Van Noy brings to the field. He runs around a 4.6 forty but has been clocked at a high forty speed in the past.

"I ran the forty last week and ran it at 4.6," said Van Noy. "But earlier in the month I ran the forty in 4.5. I slipped where I train at and so it didn't go very well, and so the time came out this last time at a 4.6."

"He's one of the more athletic kids we've had," said McQueen High School defensive coordinator Jim Snelling. "We had two kids come through our program that are now playing in the pros. One is Jeff Rose, who is a backup quarterback to Carson Palmer, and the other is Chris Car, who was a punt return man for the Oakland Raiders. [Van Noy] is a much bigger kid, and for his size he's just as athletic as those kids."

As a wide receiver, Van Noy feels his greatest asset on the field is his route running.

"I think my route running is pretty decent," Van Noy said. "As you probably know, Josh Jordan [5-foot-10-inch, 170-pound cornerback] from Bishop Gorman - who is going to ASU - covered me, and I had to use my route running to get him."

Coach Snelling believes Van Noy, who also plays defensive end for the Lancers, has been one of his high school's most gifted athletes.

"He's a very gifted kid," said Coach Snelling. "He started for us as a sophomore and was arguably one of our better athletes as a sophomore. He's very competitive, and one of the big things we're looking for this year is leadership. He's always been a standout athlete, but we're looking towards him as being a leader that the other kids can rally around."

Although he's been blessed with a lot of physical talent, Van Noy just considers himself to be a normal guy.

"I'm just another typical high school kid," he said. "I'm pretty outgoing and just like hanging out with my friends [and also like] going to movies and on dates. I like to hang out with my family a lot too."

But when it comes to the football field, Van Noy is anything but ‘typical.' He's received four early scholarship offers and is gaining interest from a large number of schools.

"It's been a really cool experience to have coaches talk to you and meet them," said Van Noy. "They're really nice people and it's just neat when they give you that firm handshake. It's just been kind of a neat experience so far."

"BYU, Nevada, Boise State and Colorado have all offered," said Coach Snelling.

Aside from the schools that have offered, Van Noy is receiving a lot of attention elsewhere.

"I have a lot of schools that are interested," said Van Noy. "Pretty much all of the Pac-10 schools have my highlight tape. Stanford has talked with me, [and so have] UCLA, Cal, Washington, Oregon, Oregon State, ASU and USC. Outside of the Pac-10, Clemson, UNLV, Utah and others I've heard from. Good things are happening finally."

Van Noy has visited Oregon and Cal and came away impressed with each.

"I do like Cal and Oregon and they're pretty cool schools," said Van Noy. "I do like their campuses. I was down there and was thinking, ‘Dang, I could be playing here at these stadiums.'"

Van Noy has also been to BYU's campus.

"I've been to BYU's campus as a sophomore," he said. "I got to go on an unofficial visit there. It's pretty cool and they have a nice campus and facilities. It's pretty cool because they have things that only a couple of schools have. They also have [the Hall of Legends] where it's all glass and there are things from players like Steve Young in there. It's pretty cool. Their indoor facilities are pretty cool too for when they need to practice in the winter."

Of the schools that have currently offered that jump out at him, Van Noy feels there are two that stand out at this point in time.

"Athletically, BYU stands out to me because they're recruiting me on both sides of the ball," said Van Noy. "It's pretty cool knowing that I could have the chance to start at four different positions if I decide to go there. I could play tight end, wide receiver, strong safety and outside linebacker. Also, Boise State stands out because I could have the chance to play strong safety or outside linebacker. It's pretty cool because not very many kids get the chance to play at the next level, but I do and I hope that I can do the best that I can."

Although Van Noy, who is LDS, doesn't currently have plans on serving a mission, he does have an older brother currently serving in South Carolina. But aside from having a choice of playing multiple positions, BYU also stands out to Van Noy for other reasons.

"I'm Mormon and so my religion is a factor in that," Van Noy said.

"Also, the academics and the environment of BYU is something that I like. Also, the coaches there really care and take good care of their players. Some schools don't and when things begin going downhill for you you're kind of on your own, but BYU has more than just the football aspect and they try to help you to grow as a person also."

So what does Van Noy think of BYU's coaching staff?

"I'm really good friends with Coach Tidwell," said Van Noy. "He's really a cool guy and is very nice. I've kept in touch with him and he just seems like a really cool guy. He always gives me [a] little guidance here and there, like he always tells me to be good.

"Coach Mendenhall is the same way. He's a very nice man and I haven't personally talked with him, but all I know is he's a really cool guy and is very passionate about football. When I was there visiting he was very passionate about football and it showed. You can see how the players really respect him and have really bought into what he's doing and saying."

So is it safe to say that his church's college is a top choice?

"Yeah, BYU is a top choice," said Van Noy. "I'm really interested in all the schools though because all of them have their plusses, but BYU is definitely a top choice."

Van Noy talked about the most important factors to him when it comes to choosing a university.

"First is the environment and the coaching staff," said Van Noy. "Like, is the school in a rough environment, and [how is the community]? Second, [are] the academics even before football? Because if you don't have good academics, you can't play football."

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