BYU Recruiting Hawaiian O-Lineman

On the west side of Oahu lies Kapolei High School. It is there that one of the top o-line performers of a past USC camp currently plays football, and BYU knows who he is.

He may come from a not-so-well-known school, but big Stan Hasiak is making waves from the island of Hawaii.

"Well, without my football gear on I'm about 6'5"," said the humble giant. "I'm pushing around 310. I've been working out a lot lately because the season is coming up. Last year I had my bench up to 315, but I haven't been focusing on the strength part but mostly repetition. I've been trying to focus more on endurance, but my bench right now is around 330. I squat four plates plus three tens."

Hasiak was one of the top performers during a past USC camp that also included BYU recruit John Martinez from Cotttonwood High School.

"It went pretty well, but I don't think I did that great," said Hasiak. "They liked what they saw but I feel I could have done better. During the one-on-one session, they liked how I performed there because I didn't lose one time the whole three days I was there. Usually the o-linemen are overloaded and never win.

"John [Martinez] was there and I met him. He's the best friend of one of my cousins who also plays for Cottonwood High School."

On the field Hasik primarily plays on the offensive line, and that's the position he'll more than likely play at the next level. However, the Kapolei coaches have used him as a situational defensive tackle and nose guard for short-yardage situations, fourth downs, and goal-line stands.

"I like playing tackle position on the offensive line," he said. "I also love pulling as a guard down the line because I love catching the defensive end by surprise and you pop him and he goes flying. That's a really good feeling for me.

"I also like to play on the defensive line too. During the preseason, my coaches let me play nose guard and said I did pretty well at it, but my coaches want me to play the offensive tackle position to protect the quarterback's blind side. For my senior year, the coaches told me they want me mostly on the o-line because we won't have many returning starters, but they are going to let me play as a situational lineman on defense."

This past season, Hasiak and Kapolei High School defeated perennial powerhouse Kahuku High School - which fields a few BYU recruits on the roster - in the second round of the state playoffs on Kahuku's home field.

The big Hawaiian has since received quite a few letters and has even mentioned he has been extended scholarship offers from a few Pac-10 schools.

"It started out with the Oregon Ducks," said Hasik. "Then Arizona came out and talked to me about a scholarship. I got [five] scholarships in the mail: Oregon, Arizona, University of Washington, Cal and USC. There have been a lot that have been sending me letters. I've gotten some from Duke, Tennessee, Florida State, Wake Forest and BYU. The schools that I've gotten scholarships from are the schools that have been pushing me the most."

Although he claims to have a few offers, Hasiak wants to take his time and look at all the schools that are recruiting him. He doesn't want to rush to judgment regardless of who offers him.

"I want to take a look at the campus and schools," Hasiak said. "I'm willing to go to other schools and look around because I know I have to keep my options open. I don't really want to commit to anyone right now."

So what is Hasiak looking for in a university? Is it the caliber of players, academics, or environment, or could it be the caliber of the program that would attract him?

"To me it doesn't matter who I'm playing with," said Hasiak. "So, the players that are on the team don't really matter to me. You can just throw me in and I'll make the best of it. What I think it will really come down to is how comfortable I am with the area. I also think the kind of coaches that I have will also make a difference. I really like good coaches because I've seen how having good coaches have helped me in my high school years.

"Right now I'm kind of looking into what I want to be as far as academics. If college football was the farthest that I would go, I think I want to study sociology because I want to be a teacher."

Hasiak, who is not LDS, has received some recruiting attention from BYU. He has received a few letters from the Cougar program and has no problems with living in Utah.

"I also think having some family around would be important to me," said Hasiak. "I have a mother that lives in Utah and she's lived in Utah for about a year and a half now."

So how would Hasiak feel if he received a coveted scholarship offer from BYU?

"I would be very happy," said Hasiak. "I would be happy knowing there is another school that has offered me a scholarship and thinks I'm good enough to play for them. It would be a good thing."

Total Blue Sports will keep an eye on the recruiting developments between Stan Hasiak and BYU, and will report back if the recruiting for his services heats up with the Cougars.

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