Bingham WR Getting Noticed In and Out of Utah

Powerhouse football program Bingham seems to reload every year with talented football players, and this next season surely won't be an exception. Bingham High School could have another crop of Division I athletes, one of which could be a wide receiver that BYU is looking at.

In an offense that didn't feature the pass very much last season, junior wide receiver Michael Edmunds made the most of every opportunity that came his way. With running back Sam Langi having now graduated, the 6-foot-4-inch wide receiver speedster is now heading into his senior year with the hopes that the Bingham coaches open up the pass a little more.

"I felt like I had a pretty good season last year," said Edmunds. "Coming in as a junior it was my goal ever since I was a sophomore to be a starting receiver at Bingham High School. I was first in the rotation and then ended up being the starter. Out of all of our receivers, I led the corps in receptions and yards. I'm just really working hard on my speed and my breaks. I'm really working on bursting out and stopping on my breaks as well as running better routes as a receiver. I'm also trying to work on being a complete receiver by being able to block downfield as well."

BYU has been showing a lot of interest in taller, faster receivers like those that Coach Mendenhall and his staff have received over the past few recruiting classes. Edmunds fits that mold.

"I'm around 6'4", 195 pounds," said Edmunds. "I got timed a 4.53 in the forty. We ran our forty times at SPARQ last week. On the bench I'm around 220 right now. My power clean is at around 275 right now and I'm thinking my squat is around 350. SPARQ has been helping me out quite a bit and especially on my vertical, which is at 35 inches."

Along with Edmunds, many of the current players at Bingham High School train in the SPARQ program. Like last year, the team will be loaded with talent and should compete for another state championship.

"We really focus on a lot of speed and conditioning stuff," said Edmunds. "We'll then go into the weight room and work on our lifts and [on] getting stronger. We as a team are looking really good. We have some really good linemen, and as far as their strength goes they're looking really good.

"We have Talai [Livai], who is around 6'5", 300 pounds, and he's looking really well. We have Tuni Kanuch (6-3, 260) and he's a junior this year and he's looking really well. We'll have Vince Giron (6-3, 280) who will be playing guard, and he's looking really good in the weight room, so we should have three juniors on the line and two seniors in Tali [Livai] and Vince Giron. We're going to have a big, physical line and I'm really excited about it. We'll be able to establish the run and really be able to pound it down people's throats, but will also hold the line so we can throw it over the top of them too."

Bingham may have lost All-State running back Sam Langi due to graduation, but they will have his younger brother Harvey, along with L.T. Filiaga.

"We're looking for L.T. to take some handoffs this year," Edmunds said. "We'll also have Colton Yack and Harvey Langi, who is Sam's younger brother. He's about 6'2" and around 200 pounds right now, and is really looking good. They'll probably bring him up and give him some touches. He's a 4.0 student as well. He's a pretty powerful back and has really good speed. He runs a lot like how [Sausan Shakerin] did this past year.

"We also have quarterback Jake Schoff [who] is also running around out there and he's looking really good. I've been catching footballs from him since I was nine years old. I think we're going to have another good team. We've been going over to SPARQ and trying to get our timing down. I think it's been going well and [has been] helping me to make strides in making me a better athlete in the hopes that I can get a scholarship."

From March 25 to March 30, Scout will be hosting a football camp in Las Vegas, Nevada. The camp will host quite a few top quality football prospects from around the nation. Some of those athletes have already committed to Division I programs, while others are still being recruited for their services. There will be some notable camp attendees from Utah present as well.

"There will be two Utah teams there now," said Edmunds. "I'll be down there and I know Adam Timo and Craig Bills that have committed to BYU will be there representing the state. I know there will be some good competition there and I'm really excited to go and compete."

Coaching the Utah teams will be Bingham High School's head coach Dave Peck and Timpview High School's head coach Louis Wong. Participating on their team will be wide receiver Adam Edmonds (Bingham High School) and linebacker Richard Wilson (Spanish Fork High School).

These camps will host around 350 to 400 student athletes representing the upper echelon of talent from the East, West and Midwest.

"Remington Peck, our tight end and linebacker, will also be there," said Edmunds. "Also, my fellow receiver Matt Green will also be going down there and will be playing for the second Utah team. I also think Travis Van Leeuwen [Timpview High School] will be going as well."

The participants will be tested and trained on various skills that relate to their positions. Following the instructional period, athletes will be broken down into teams where a few football prospects representing the state of Utah will have a chance to compete in a seven-on-seven game. College coaches will be in attendance and will have a chance to evaluate camp participants.

"It will feature teams from the West, and it's going to be a big tournament where I think you play three games, and if you keep winning you keep moving on," Edmunds said. "It's just kind of the best players representing the state in a tournament. I think it's going to be a lot of fun and I'm really excited."

Edmunds also will attend BYU's summer camp, where he will be able to show BYU coaches firsthand how much he's developed as a wide receiver.

"Yeah, I'm going to be going to BYU's camp sure," Edmunds said. "I'm for sure going to head out to a couple more. I'll probably head out to the Stanford camp and to possibly a few others, but for sure I'm going to the BYU camp."

Along with attending BYU's summer camp, going out to the Stanford camp makes sense; Edmunds is not only a good student of football on the field, but he is also a good student in the classroom.

"I've gotten a 4.0 GPA my whole life," said Edmunds. "I would like to try and become an Academic All-State receiver, as well as a First-Team All-State wide receiver as well."

Edmunds has received a few letters from schools both in and out of the state of Utah that have expressed interest in him.

"I've gotten letters from BYU," said Edmunds. "We've been in good contact. I've also gotten letters from Stanford, Washington, UNLV, Yale and some questionnaires from Utah State. I'm really excited about getting some letters from BYU."

Edmunds grew up within a family of diehard BYU fans. To get letters from a team he grew up following has given him some excitement.

"Oh man, it's great and I love it," said Edmunds. "BYU is for sure the best school around and I'm really happy that I'm getting letters from them."

So what would he think if he were ever to receive a scholarship from BYU?

"I would commit for sure to BYU," said Edmunds without hesitation. "I would for sure be a Cougar. There would be no doubt about it that I would go there. There are a lot of great programs around, but just going down to BYU during their Junior Day and being around Coach Mendenhall was just amazing. I would just love to be in a program like that where you experience what that program has to offer on a daily basis. The Spirit that I felt down there was just spectacular, and I've always been a BYU fan, but that just really sealed the deal for me. BYU is where I want to be."

Edmunds understands the broader picture of BYU's football program, and wants to be a part of what the program represents and has to offer.

"The Spirit aspect of the program and just what Coach Mendenhall stands for is more than just football," said Edmunds. "The unique way in which the program is being run is just amazing and is so different than any other program around. It's amazing how a football program can be more than just about football, and yet the football part of it continues to rise and be more successful."

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