Excerpts From Coach Rose

BYU is coming down the home stretch of the regular season, and will soon embark upon postseason play, both in the MWC Tournament and the NCAA Tournament. However, Coach Rose is predictably and understandably taking the one-game-at-a-time approach, and the next game on the schedule is against Air Force. Here are some excerpts from what Coach Rose had to say following practice on Thursday.

-According to Coach Rose, Ben Murdock's ankle is still pretty sore, and he is questionable to play on Saturday against Air Force. During practice on Thursday, Murdock did not participate in various scrimmages and drills with the rest of the team, but instead worked on shooting, among other less-demanding tasks.

-Coach Rose was asked whether he would have considered lifting Lamont Morgan's redshirt had Murdock's injury come earlier in the year. "I don't think so. We made that decision, and we're confident with what we were [going to] go with, and I think we still feel the same way."

-During the game against New Mexico, there was some confusion and disagreement about how many fouls Lee Cummard had. Cummard fouled out of the game with about a minute left in regulation, but BYU's staff argued that he only had four fouls. Coach Rose said he hasn't figured out the whole situation. "I've just kind of moved on. I addressed it with our staff, [namely] what we need to do to make sure that we don't just assume that it was reported like it was called, or we don't assume it's reported like we assume it's called, [bit] that we make sure we double check so we'll know for sure. Lee was convinced that he only had three fouls [prior to picking up his last one], but that's something we need to do a better job of as a staff."

-On why Trent Plaisted had a much more effective game against New Mexico than he did against San Diego State three days earlier: "We got him the ball. We did a better job of getting him the ball in positions to where he could really help our offense." Coach Rose said his performance each game also depends on how he is guarded, but Rose thinks the team can do a better job of being more patient and getting Plaisted the ball more.

-On the types of problems that the Falcons can give BYU during the game against Air Force on Saturday: "I think matchups on the defensive end are a concern because they all can pass, they all can dribble, they all can shoot, and so you need to match up with players that would be able to guard all those positions, and so that's probably the biggest challenge."

-Air Force has had four different head coaches in the past five years, and while none of the athletes on Air Force's team have played under all four of those head coaches, most of them have nevertheless played under at least two different coaches. Coach Rose talked about what it might be like for players to go through coaching changes. "I think that the personality of coaches are things that players can adjust to quicker than maybe the coach's actual system, and that's the one thing that Air Force has been consistent in; they've continued to basically run that same system offensively and defensively."

-First-year Air Force head coach Jeff Reynolds, according to Coach Rose, runs a system pretty similar to what Air Force has run in recent years, but there are some individual unique things that Coach Reynolds runs for certain players. The current Falcon team, for example, features more penetrating off the dribble than Air Force has run in the past.

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