Utah Athletes To Represent at Las Vegas Camp

There will be two teams with some of the top skill players from the state of Utah heading down to Las Vegas for the seven-on-seven camp on March 16-18. BYU fans will recognize some of the prospects, while others look to make a name for themselves as they spar against some of the top athletes in the west.

There will be two teams comprised of both offensive and defensive teams. The first team's offense will be coached by Coach Chad Van Orden of Timpview, while the defense will be coached by Bingham's head coach Dave Peck.

"I'm really good friends with Chad Van Orden," said Coach Peck. "He's a really good offensive mind, so he'll be the offensive coordinator and I'll run the defense for our team."

Coaches Van Orden and Peck will have plenty of talent at their finger tips to compete with.

"You have to start with Craig Bills," said Coach Peck. "Bills is already committed to BYU and he's 6'2", 200 pounds and plays safety. He's going to be on our team and he's a stud and will do really well. I know we'll also have LaVaughn Jackson from Layton that is a really good athlete. We'll also have LeSean Wilcox who is a good athlete from Pleasant Grove. I think I'll have Craig and LeSean be my two safeties during the competition."

Wilcox is a 5-foot-11-inch, 180-pound African American athlete from Pleasant Grove High School that has played running back, cornerback and receiver.

"[Wilcox is] a really good athlete that played different positions for [Pleasant Grove]," said Coach Peck. "He's started varsity since he was a sophomore. He's a really athletic kid and plays basketball as well."

The two Bingham kids that will be on Peck and Van Ordan's team will be 6-foot-4-inch, 195-pound wide receiver Mike Edmunds, and 6-foot-5-inch, 215-pound Remington Peck. L.T. Filiaga will be on the second team, which will be coached by Alta High School's head coach Les Hamilton and Logan High School head coach Mike Favero.

"On the second Utah team we'll be having L.T. [Filiaga] and wide receiver Matt Green," said Coach Peck. "Matt actually came to us from Kahuku High School his sophomore year. Him and Mike Edmunds are looking really good and have taken major, major steps forward. I feel really good about both of them. Matt is a speed kid who runs well and we think he's going to be really good. We also feel that way with Mike.

"L.T. is going to go out there as well. I would have loved to have had him on my team, but you can only have two kids that you coach be on your team. I'll have two Bingham kids and because we have Chad [Van Ordan], we can only have two Timpview kids on our team as well."

Currently, there are three prospects BYU is evaluating or recruiting from Bingham High School. They are wide receiver Mike Edmunds, tight end/ outside linebacker Remington Peck, and L.T. Filiaga, who currently holds an offer. From Timpview, there is wide receiver Travis Van Leeuwen and safety Chris Badger.

Also from Timpview High School, running back Levi Te'o [the cousin of BYU's very own Shiloah Te'o] will team up with Timpview's Badger and Bingham's Filiaga and Green.

"Some of the other states have had tryouts for their teams," said Coach Peck. "We'll have around 20 kids on each team, but I think we'll probably end up with about 18 kids on each team. I'm still looking and hopefully we can get one more kid to play defensive back for us."

Coaches Peck and Van Orden are currently looking for a couple more Utah prospects. There were two top Utah prospects that recently pulled out. They are BYU running back commit Adam Timo and Pineview High School star safety Justin Enyce.

"[Timo] said that they didn't realize that some of the games were going to be played on Sunday," Coach Peck said. "It's also on the 15th,which is a Saturday, and then on the 16th, which is a Sunday, but you know what, you have to admire that. But, I would have liked to have had both of those kids on the team. You just have to admire their efforts to not play on Sunday."

The Utah high school coaches involved have volunteered their time and efforts for the purpose of drawing more attention to Utah's athletes. They feel Utah can compete with many across the country, and this is an effort to show that to be true.

"I'm big on promoting Utah kids from the high school and college level," said Coach Peck. "I think this is a great opportunity to go down and show what our kids can do again. I was told there are three teams from out of California, and somebody had told me that USC had offered 10 skill kids from out of California and seven of them are coming to this seven-on-seven camp. It will be a good chance for many of our kids to see how they stack up against some of these kids that have been offered by USC and other schools."

Current List Of Utah Players

Team One Coached By Peck and Van Orden includes:

LB Kade Andrus from Lone Peak HS
S Craig Bills from Timpview HS
CB Quade Chappuis from Lone Peak HS
WR Mike Edmunds from Bingham HS
RB LaVaughn Jackson from Layton HS
QB Breck Lewis from Spanish Fork HS
QB Jordan Lusk from American Fork HS
LB Sam Nielson from Highland HS
CB Nick Orchard from Highland HS
S Justin Parkinson from Clearfield HS
TE Remington Peck from Bingham HS
CB Blake Smithing from Northridge HS
RB Isi Sofele from Cottonwood HS
WR Travis Van Leeuwen from Timpview HS
WR Parker Webster from Alta HS
CB LeSean Wilcox from Pleasant Grove HS
TE Richard Wilson from Spanish Fork HS

Team Two Coached By Hamilton and Favero includes:

QB Jeff Manning from Logan HS
QB Ammon Olsen from Alta HS
HB Bruce Garlinghouse from Judge Memorial HS
RB Levi Te'o from Timpview HS
RB Peni Maka'afi from Northridge HS
WR J.D. Falslev from Sky View HS
WR Matt Green from Bingham HS
WR Chandler Allphin from Lone Peak HS
WR Ryan Avery from Davis HS
TE Tyson Udy from West Jordan HS
DB Brandon Compton from Sky View HS
DB Trey Philips from Alta HS
DB Dayton Deloach from Delta HS
DB Josh Miller from Lehi HS
S Chris Badger from Timpview HS
S Chris Washington from Northridge HS
S Tony Epperson from Park City HS
LB Ethan Lofthouse from Mountain Crest HS.
LB Sunai Tauteoli from East HS
LB L.T. Filiaga from Bingham HS

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