Two-time MVP

Tyler Haws is a 6-foot-5-inch junior guard, a two-time 5A MVP, and one of the most sought-after recruits in the Western United States. He splashed on the scene in the state of Utah during his sophomore year, averaging 18.84 points per game, and leading the Lone Peak Knights to the 5A state title.

This season Tyler Haws was the brightest star among three Division I signees on the team. Lone Peak was touted as the best high school basketball team in the history of Utah.

"There was so much talent on this team this season, we were just trying to keep our heads into it and learning how to sacrifice for each other and learn how to play with each other," said Haws.

The attention towards Lone Peak extended beyond the borders of Utah this past season, as the Knights were invited to the T-Mobile Invitational in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The Knights played very well, drubbing Centennial Georgia 75-57. Haws took center stage and showed off his speed, court vision and vicious mid-range jumper that helped him lead all scorers with 26 points. For the encore, Lone Peak played the reigning USA Today National Champion St. Anthony's High School. Haws still impressed, scoring 16 points in the losing effort.

Lone Peak did a lot to build the hype of their team, but for Haws it was an opportunity to prove that he isn't a big fish in a little pond.

"That was as about as good of competition that you are going to face," said Haws. "Some of the guards on those teams are top-five recruits. I looked at it as an opportunity to put myself on the map … I knew I could play with those guys."

Playing with pressure and expectations is something that Tyler is used to. He is the son of BYU great Marty Haws. But Tyler doesn't feel that being a son of one of the most recognizable names in BYU basketball history adds any additional pressure.

"I don't view it as an expectation," said Haws. "My dad did what he wanted to do. He is my best adviser. He is the guy that gets up with me every morning in the summer working, he's the guy that has always been right by my side … You know, I'm lucky to have a guy like that by my side."

Instead of seeing his father's career as an expectation, Haws sees it as an advantage.

"It is cool because he has been through it all," said Haws. "He's been through the whole recruiting process [and] he has a lot of experience."

Although Haws denies that his game strongly resembles that of his father, every time you see Tyler Haws push the ball up the floor and stop on a dime and go to his lethal pull-up jumper, you swear that you have seen that before. Even he will admit that much.

"I guess we have that similarity; we both like the pull up," said Haws. "Really, I think that we just play hard every second … after 32 minutes a lot of stuff is going to happen."

Because Haws embodies the sought-after combination of size, speed and remarkable body control to play shooting-guard at the Division I level, a number of colleges have expressed interest in him.

"BYU, Utah, Stanford, Marquette, Wake Forest, Harvard and some of the smaller schools in the West like Gonzaga, San Diego and some of those schools," Haws said regarding which schools have recruited him.

There has been a widespread rumor that Duke assistants have been trying to make it to Utah to see Haws as well.

"I heard that too," Haws said. "I guess I got a letter or two from them, but I haven't heard anything."

As for the question of feeling pressure to follow in his father's footsteps by going to BYU, Haws again said that he doesn't feel additional pressure.

"I'm looking for the best fit for me," said Haws. "BYU is obviously a great spot and [has] a great coach. I went to the game [against Wyoming]. It's a great atmosphere and [there are] great fans. It would be a great spot for me, but I need to look at all my options and find the best fit for me and the best education."

For some recruits, the recruiting process is draining, while for others it is finally the chance to receive the attention they have been looking for, and for others still it's simply enjoyable and is a great opportunity to take time to see where they would like to take the next step of their lives.

"I am enjoying it," said Haws. "It is a fun time. I am trying to have it done in the fall. That is my goal."

Tyler Haws is a name that many have come to know and a player that they have come to enjoy watching, and why not? He is an outstanding player who has an outstanding jump shot, terrific speed and a competitive fire that was on display in the "Game of the Year" in the State Semi-Finals against Davis, when he hit a jumper with 2.5 seconds to go in the second overtime. When asked about a third state title, Haws quickly answered, "Why not?" Tyler has dealt with the attention that has been given him with ease and confidence. He is an outstanding leader on the floor, a terrific teammate and a great player. One can be sure that there are a lot of people in Cougartown ready to cheer for another Haws in Cougar blue and white.

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