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Total Blue Sports caught up with team captains Lee Cummard and Trent Plaisted, and got their thoughts on the NCAA Tournament and the matchup against the Aggies of Texas A&M.

Lee Cummard Quotes

On what it was like to have to watch the selection show and wait for BYU to be called: "It was a little nerve-wracking, but last year we had to wait as well. I think we were the last bracket to be called out [last year], and so I'm a little more used to that."

On how the selection show announced one of the No. 4 seeds as being the Cougars … of Washington State: "We all thought we were a 4 seed at first, but it turned out to be Washington [State]. But I didn't really fall for it. I wasn't expecting that [seed]."

On how he feels about BYU's placement: "Excited. I mean, it's going to be a tough matchup, and that's what you want, is good games, and good games to be a part of."

On whether he believes Texas A&M has an advantage due to having played teams like Texas and Kansas: "I would say [the Aggies] played some really quality teams, but I would say we've played some really quality teams as well, and we've had to go on the road and play teams that have really good home court advantages."

On whether the team was hoping for a higher seed, or whether they were seeded about where they expected to be: "You know, we didn't really talk about it much as a team as far as what we really thought, but I figured [our seed would be] somewhere between 6 and 11."

On whether or not it felt different to watch the selection show this year compared to last year: "I think last year we were really ecstatic and excited, and this year we're really excited, but just really enjoying it a lot more than we did last year, just taking it all in and not getting too caught up in all the energy."

On whether the players, after the tough loss to UNLV, were able to enjoy the fact that they knew they were going to be in the NCAA Tournament: "I think there's great satisfaction to be had from the season we've had thus far. [After the UNLV loss] I don't think we were too satisfied, and really felt we left something out there on the court. But, there's a lot of things to be proud of. I mean, we won the Mountain West this year, and we're still playing, and it's the third week of March … That's something to be proud of."

Trent Plaisted Quotes

"Obviously Texas A&M poses a great, great challenge for us, but we're excited for the chance to go and play in Anaheim."

"My best friend of all time, other than my wife obviously, goes to Texas A&M. [He's] a diehard Texas A&M fan, paint-your-chest kind of a guy. He actually texted me and told me he was torn and didn't know quite who to root for."

On Texas A&M freshman center DeAndre Jordan: "Obviously he's a great talent. He's a big guy, he's really, really athletic … there's not enough things you can say about him as far as his athleticism goes."

On senior center/forward Joseph Jones: "Jones actually graduated in the same class I did. He played in the Texas all-star game. He wasn't on my team because he was a 3H school [member] and I was a 5H school [member], but he's a really good player. You know, he's kind of been plagued by injuries and stuff like that, but he's really talented and had a great career at Texas A&M, and he's doing a lot of great things there."

On whether he thinks the Aggies can say they have played a tougher schedule: "Obviously [the Big 12 has] got a lot of good teams, and [Texas A&M] should say they've played Kansas and Texas and those teams, because they're really good teams, but at the same token we've felt like we've played some pretty good teams on our schedule as well. We've played, you know, Louisville, Michigan State, North Carolina, so it's not like we've not been playing good teams. UNLV is a great team. I think we're prepared, and I think that it's going to be a great challenge, but, you know, I think we're ready for them."

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