Crichton Commits

On Friday Tui Crichton gave his verbal commitment to coaches to sign a letter of intent with BYU. Crichton is from BYU's junior varsity team that is otherwise known as Timpview High School. With his commitment, Crichton will join with a lot of his current and former teammates in playing for BYU.

"I love BYU," said Tui Crichton when asked about his commitment. "It was the school I always wanted to play for growing up. I have a lot of friends there. I don't want to play anywhere else, so I committed."

Crichton grew up working at his mother's Polynesian restaurant, named Sweets. For as long as he can remember, Crichton would see BYU players coming in and out of the restaurant to get food. Having the opportunity to be around BYU players since he was young, Crichton determined at a young age that he'd become a BYU football player in his own rite.

"It's all I've ever thought about," said Crichton. "My dad is a huge BYU fan, I've known a lot of the players growing up, and I've always wanted to be like them. Players such as Doug Jolley, Luke Staley, Jake Kuresa, man, I loved watching those guys. Now that I have a chance to play for the same school they did, man it's just awesome."

Crichton is a 6-foot-3-inch, 300-pound offensive line prospect. He played a little bit of defense last year, but is definitely pegged to play along the Cougar offensive front.

"I feel I did really well blocking ahead and clearing lanes for the running back last year," said Crichton. "I have good feet, I can pass block well, and I know I'll get better this year and when I go on to play for BYU."

Crichton is surrounded by BYU influences wherever he goes. From the Reynolds and Bills families to current players on BYU's roster, Crichton's social structure is very BYU-centered.

"We're all really tight," mentioned Crichton. "We talk all the time how we're going to get all of Timpview's best players together along with all the great LDS players in the nation at BYU and win a national championship. We talk about that type of stuff all the time."

One player that Crichton hangs out with more than most is fellow BYU recruit Xavier Su'afilo, who is currently being courted by schools all over the nation.

"I hang with Xavier practically every night," said Crichton. "He was really surprised when I told him that I committed to BYU. We'd always talk about how we were going to visit LSU, USC and other schools together, so I think he was a little disappointed when I told him, but now I'm telling him that he better commit to BYU now. He likes BYU, but I'll really be pushing him to join me at BYU now."

Crichton's decision came easy to him, as it seemed like the natural thing to do. Also, unlike many recruits, Crichton didn't want to deal with the recruiting process, as he's already feeling the heat from several top schools.

"I've been getting a lot of letters and phone calls lately and I'm already sick of it," said Crichton. "I don't want to go through it. I know I want to play for BYU, so why go through all that stuff?"

Among the schools courting Crichton are programs such as Stanford, LSU, Washington and Washington State.

Crichton met with coaches Bronco Mendenhall, Robert Anae and Lance Reynolds is Mendenhall's office on Friday. Crichton went there with his mother and had every intention of letting the coaches know that he'd be signing with BYU prior to his meeting.

"Coaches talked to me and told me why they wanted me here," said Crichton. "Right after they told me everything and all that, I told them that I'd sign a letter of intent with them. I committed right there with my mother by me and it felt great."

Coaches were obviously pleased with Crichton's commitment and expressed their pleasure with Crichton.

"Oh, they're all great," said Crichton when asked about BYU's coaches. "They make you feel so comfortable. They just make you feel that BYU is the right place for you. It's everything I thought it would be growing up as a kid."

Crichton plans to definitely play one year before exploring mission options. For the senior lineman to-be, playing for BYU is the greatest of opportunities.

"Nobody in my immediate family had the opportunity to play football in college," related Crichton. "To have that opportunity is a great honor for me and for my family. Having the opportunity to play for such a great program as BYU is all I could ask for. Everything about BYU is right for me."

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