BYU Offers Spanish Fork Athlete

On Monday Coach Mendenhall extended a full-ride scholarship offer to a prospect that Scout's Brandon Huffman feels is a top-five tight end prospect in the west.

Richard Wilson was told by his high school coach on Monday that he may receive something he's been waiting for, and that happened to be a BYU football scholarship offer. So the anticipation and excitement of that possibly becoming a reality was bridled just a little bit so as not to be letdown.

"From what my coach was telling me, he said that they most likely would offer me a scholarship," Wilson said. "So I was thinking that it might come, but I kept saying in the back of my mind that it may not and that they just wanted to check up with me.

"I got a call from my coach today and he told me that Coach Mendenhall wanted to meet with me and my parents today after practice. We headed over there right before practice was over.

Once at BYU, the possibility of being offered a scholarship became a reality.

"Coach Tidwell led me over to Coach Mendenhall's office and he talked with me for a bit and then offered me a scholarship." Said Wilson. "I got my first scholarship offer from BYU today, so that was really awesome. I'm really excited about that. It was awesome. I was so excited I was speechless."

"I couldn't really believe that I was sitting there with Coach Mendenhall in his office. He talked to me about all the great things about BYU and handed me the written offer. He told me to read it and went over it with me. We then talked about it and finally came to the end where it said that we view you as an outstanding player and want to offer you a scholarship for the 2009-2010 season."

Coach Mendenhall explained to Richard Wilson, his mother, and his father - who is actually a University of Utah fan - why the Cougar coaching staff wanted their son as a representative of their program.

"He said the way that I was living my life and the type of football player that I am is the reason why," Wilson said. "He also said that academically and the type of person that I was is also basically why. My dad said he was really impressed with Coach Mendenhall and what he said. He said he really liked Coach Mendenhall, so that's good.

Although excited about his Cougar offer, Wilson didn't commit to Coach Mendenhall at that time.

"Coach Mendenhall told me not to feel pressured right now, and that I should commit when I'm ready," said Wilson. "I just told him that I'm going to think it over and pray about it to make sure BYU is the place I need to be."

Wilson is a close friend of cornerback signee Cameron Comer (2009 class), who also wanted to know what happened in Coach Mendenhall's office.

"[Comer] texted me and said he was really excited," Wilson said. "He asked me if I had committed or not. I told him that I didn't and he said, ‘Well, you need to get with the family man. You need to commit and be a Cougar.' He's really excited for me."

So when will he make a decision on what school he will commit to?

"I'll probably decide before my senior season," Wilson said. "So I'll probably decide this fall just to get it out of the way and have to worry about it. That way I don't have to have that on my back and can just focus on the season."

Wilson's family is divided into both BYU and Utah fans, which has made for some very exciting family gatherings during game time between BYU and the U of U. So when Richard Wilson left Coach Mendenhall's office, he received quite a few phone calls from inquiring minds within his family.

"I had about twenty calls from people and family right after I left Coach Mendenhall's office," said Wilson while laughing. "My family was really excited about that and most of my family is big BYU fans."

With one more year to go, Wilson has played multiple positions for his Spanish Fork High School football team. Coming in at about 6 feet 4 inches and 215 pounds, Wilson plays tight end, wide receiver and linebacker.

"[BYU's coaches are] looking at me as kind of an athlete," Wilson said. "I can play different positions, but I think they're just looking at me as an athlete."

Wilson mentioned that if he were to go to BYU, he would enroll for one year and then leave to serve a mission. Total Blue Sports wishes to extend congratulations to Richard Wilson and his family on receiving his first scholarship offer.

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