Don't Sleep on Jaussi

Landon Jaussi is having a productive spring and is looking to earn a spot on the two-deep roster. Jaussi presents many desirable options to the wide receiver position, which he's trying to make relevant with every day of practice. So far, so good for Jaussi, as he's holding steady with the second-team offense currently.

A quick glance at Landon Jaussi makes it apparent where his strengths lie. Jaussi possess some very desirable aspects at wideout in a system which depends so heavily on hook and out routes from its wide receivers.

"I'm tall," said Jaussi. "I have a bigger body than most guys out there and I feel that I can use my size and strength in getting to the ball easier than most wide receivers."

Indeed, Jaussi stands in at 6 feet 4 inches, which allows him to tower over most defensive backs. He tries to use his size and stature on every occasion as he runs through drills and scrimmages.

"Getting physical with guys is to my advantage since I'm bigger than most guys," said Jaussi. "When a pass is thrown my way I can use my size and strength to get to the football more effectively. It especially helps me in the dig and curl patterns and with catching the ball over the middle, which we do a lot in this offense. I‘m very good at going over or through defensive backs if I have to with my size."

Indeed, the type of receivers BYU has been recruiting over the past two years is similar to what Jaussi presents. BYU coaches recognize the advantage big receivers have in their system, and Jaussi is working hard every day to show them that he's exactly the type of receiver coaches can use on the outside.

"Hopefully I continue to play well," said Jaussi. "I've been able to make some good plays so far and hopefully I continue to do that. I need to remain consistent in my patterns and become more and more someone who our quarterbacks feel they can trust."

Speed as Well

Of course, coaches don't want big cloggers on the outside that have trouble breaking a 5.0 forty, regardless of what their size may be. But with Jaussi, coaches have an option with both great size and good speed to help out.

"I'm faster than most people give me credit for," said Jaussi. "It might take me a bit longer to get out of the gate with my long legs, but when I get going I feel I'm as fast as anyone."

Jaussi has made his speed apparent during key moments at recent practice sessions. Last week Jaussi was able to beat cornerback G Pittman on a fly pattern, which made the sophomore wideout happy.

"G was talking all day about how I couldn't beat him deep, so when I got that play I was pumped because I was determined to beat him," said Jaussi. "So yeah, when I caught the pass I was really pumped. Pittman talks a lot and he backs it up a lot of the time, but not that time. I got past him and yeah, I let him know about it a bit."

While his stature is and has been apparent, his speed hasn't always been noticed by those covering him in practice. But Jaussi is proving more and more that he is someone that can beat defenders deep.

"Don't sleep on me because I'll get you deep if you do," cautioned Jaussi. "Yeah, I'm big and we run mostly underneath stuff in this offense, but if they send me deep and if you fall asleep on that, I can beat you for sure. I have very good speed for my size I think."

While he does have at least adequate speed, Jaussi is fully aware of what aspect of his game will give him an edge in trying to earn a spot on the two-deep roster.

"My strength is while I'm in the air," said Jaussi. "I have a decent vertical, but I really feel that when the ball is thrown up high in the air that I can get it every time."

Graduating Early

Jaussi came to BYU following his mission, as his mission president recommended that the coaches give him a chance to compete as a walk-on.

"My mission president helped build the weight room here, so he worked with BYU to get me here," explained Jaussi. "He sent my information to coach Tidwell, and they watched some film and decided that they should give me a try."

Jaussi served his mission in Taiwan and got started earlier than most, as he graduated high school at a very early age.

"I graduated when I was 16, so I was behind physically all through high school," said Jaussi. "I had some schools looking at me out of high school like SMU, BYU and some others, but I really wasn't ready physically to compete out of high school - because of my age - like I am now. Now I feel ready to compete since I'm older and more mature physically."

Jaussi is currently getting a steady amount of reps with the second-team offense, where he's shown to be one of the two go-to guys, the other being Tyler Kozlowski. Jaussi is using all of his physical gifts in trying to earn a spot on the two-deep roster, as most of his catches are coming in heavy traffic across the middle of the field.

"Yeah, I think quarterbacks are starting to realize that I'm a big target," said Jaussi. "I'm the sort of guy that if they just throw it high to me in coverage … I can beat the guys covering me to the ball. That's my advantage and that's what I'm trying to show coaches every day. I just want to play and hopefully coaches can feel comfortable enough with me to put me out there."

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