Reynolds in the Pursuit of Perfection

Like any other left offensive tackle, Dallas Reynolds has seen his good days and his bad days. Since starting as a freshman and receiving All-American honors, the big 6-foot-5-inch, 332-pound senior looks to improve on his zero-sack performance in MWC play last year.

Dallas Reynolds has had a very good spring camp - that is when he hasn't been dinged up - and is looking to have a great senior year. Sure, there were a few times last season that he fell under the microscope of scrutiny, but there is no bigger critic of his own personal development and that of the offensive line than he is.

"I think we're still making progress but I also think we're still making mistakes," said Reynolds. "I also do think that when we do make those mistakes we are learning from them. That's one of the biggest parts about spring. We see what kinds of things we are doing and who is doing what and make those corrections.

"We've got some new guys in there and they're getting some reps, and so what I'm seeing is we've had some bad days but we've also bounced back. Still, there are things we can always learn from and improve on."

Reynolds was a part of an offensive line in 2007 that only gave up 1.54 sacks per game and that helped the offense average about 30 points per game. The pursuit of perfection from this offensive line group, a unit that helped vault BYU to a top-15 ranking, is an ongoing quest according to Reynolds.

"I think perfection is a quest we're all looking for," said Reynolds. "We're all going to try and do our best. We're not perfect, but the biggest thing is we're striving for perfection."

During BYU's victory over UCLA in the Pioneer Las Vegas Bowl last season, Reynolds faced senior rush end and First-Team All-American Bruce Davis, who was considered one of the top defensive ends in the country following his 12.5 sacks his junior year. Like many before him, Reynolds struggled to contain the emotionally charged Bruin defensive leader. Reynolds talked about what was learned from that second game against UCLA.

"I would say that our will of execution has to be better," said Reynolds. "Obviously, there were times in that game when our execution wasn't our best, and I can say that for myself. But when you work hard and you have the heart and want it more than the other person, I think you can come out on top. I feel that last play that allowed us to win that game is a good example of that. I think we wanted it more and that's why we won that game. I think that is something we learned from UCLA."

The Cougar offensive line that helped the offense average 442.8 yards per game last season returns four starters. Reynolds, who graded out at 80 percent or better in each of the Cougars' 13 games last season, is one of them. Still, it's that missing 20 percent that he is looking to tap into.

"We have a lot of room for improvement, which puts our potential through the roof," said Reynolds with confidence. "I look at film every day and I see little things that I can do better, so if I can capitalize on those things, then I think not only myself but everyone on the offensive line has the potential to go through the roof and be one of the best offensive lines in the nation."

Reynolds has the luxury of being able to work at and fix those chinks in the armor against one of the top defensive ends in the Mountain West Conference in Jan Jorgensen.

"I'm learning a lot from Jan and I'm going up against him every day," said Reynolds. "He's always developing new moves that keep me on my toes, and I'm doing the same things with him. Jan is a great player, so it's fun to be able to practice with him every day."

BYU fans know very well the Cougar philosophy of perfecting execution. The idea is if a player executes a play better than his opponent can defend, he will win the battle. However, football isn't a stagnant game, but one of constant adjustments. So ironically, a specific number of perfected plays can't be counted on to lead the team towards victory.

"There are some things that we are changing up here and there," Reynolds said. "I think you have to change it up year after year, but I also think there are some things that we are doing with our play calling that will really help us out a lot this year. It's going to change things up and help us be a lot quicker and take more advantage of defenses."

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