Wide Receiver Landon Jaussi Making Strides

Big 6-foot-5-inch, 215-pound wide receiver Landon Jaussi from Wylie, Texas has made great strides through spring camp. The sophomore receiver has been moving up through the depth chart practice squads as he's progressing, both in understanding the offense and developing his game on the field.

It's not that often that BYU has a 6-foot-5-inch wide receiver running routes out on the football field, but that exactly what the Cougars have in Landon Jaussi. During spring practices this receiver has shown that he could be a target on the football field in the near future.

"Well basically, I think Coach Higgins has done a great job with working with me and all the receivers," said Jaussi, giving credit for his on-field success. "I've been here for about a year now and I think my progression through learning from him and guys like Austin [Collie], Mike [Reed] and especially Matt Allen last year has really helped me a lot."

In further developing his game, Jaussi has studied what makes his fellow receivers successful. Then, he has applied those facets to his own game and worked hard to develop them.

"I feel that as I watch film on them and have worked out with them during practice, I feel like my routes have become similar and my technique has improved in that way," Jaussi said. "I feel it's getting better and better every day. There are lots of things that I've watched Austin do that I've incorporated within my routes."

Because of his size, Jaussi also knows that there are unique aspects of his game that will allow him to have an advantage over other receivers.

"At the same time I also have to use my size when I need to or use my length," Jaussi said. "That's one advantage that I have that some other people don't have."

Not only is Jaussi a large target for these BYU quarterbacks, but he also has the heart to go along with his size. On the practice field, Jaussi doesn't shy away from physical play.

"I like to go out there and compete with the best of them, as you saw today between G [Pittman] and I," said Jaussi. "You saw a play today between G and I. It was a tough play on both parts and G made a good play and was able to knock the ball out at the last second."

One of the biggest adjustments Jaussi has experienced at BYU is learning how to mesh effectively with the various styles of all the quarterbacks at BYU. Not every quarterback throws with the same velocity, or throws to the same spot or even in the same area on a given route. The wide receivers are oftentimes the ones that have to make the adjustments until a happy medium is found between both receivers and quarterbacks alike.

"That's a big adjustment that a lot of people don't really know about," said Jaussi about getting on the same page as the quarterbacks. "Sure, you not only have to be able to throw and catch the ball, but if you don't have a good chemistry between you and the quarterbacks or know each other's tendencies, that process becomes a lot harder.

"Every quarterback is different in how they throw the ball. I go with Kurt McEuen and Brenden [Gaskins], and then sometimes I'll run through drills with Max [Hall]. That's a big adjustment in itself because they through the ball where they expect you to be and sometimes you have to adjust your speed to that as well."

The competitive nature of those on offense has helped shape and mold the disposition of up-and-coming players like Jaussi, and that mentality is filtering on down through the ranks.

"I think there are a lot of opportunities to make big plays with this offense," said Jaussi. "This team leads really well. We were ninth in the country last year and this year we're on track to get even better. We have guys on this team with the mentality of getting better and doing better, so to be able to play on a team like this is a great opportunity for me."

Currently, Jaussi is playing with the second-team offense. The possibility of seeing the field is a definite possibility if he continues to learn and grown within the offense.

"I want to really finish up with a good scrimmage this Saturday so I can leave my mark going into the summer," said Jaussi.

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