Cougars 76-99

We go through the remaining numbers on the roster with the final installment of this spring's ultimate reference guide for the football team. The final numbers on the roster include a lot of the defensive linemen and receivers that are trying to improve and earn spots this spring.

#76 Ray Feinga, OL (SR): Feinga has been playing well this spring as he preps to start for the third straight year. He is considered by many to be the best overall offensive lineman on the team. Feinga should have at least as good of a year as he did last season while starting at the left guard position.

#77 Chris Hunt, OL (FR): Due to injuries Hunt has been able to see some reps at left tackle with the second-team offensive line.

#78 Levi Mack, OL (JR): Mack has been seeing just about every rep with the second-team offense at right tackle, earning him some valuable experience so far this spring.

#79 Manaaki Vaitai, OL (FR): Vaitai has been playing right guard with the second-team offense throughout the spring. It isn't known right now whether he will stick around for the 2008 season or leave for a mission, but regardless, Vaitai has a bright future.

#80 Kaneakua Friel, TE (FR): Friel has been having a very good spring, earning some valuable experience as the primary tight end with the second-team offense. His athleticism is very apparent every day and he's shown to have very fluid movement. Friel has a bright future ahead of him and should be a top receiving option once Dennis Pitta and Andrew George move on.

#82 Ryan Neely, WR (JR): Neely has always proven to be a very good practice player and is doing so again this spring. He is one of the top options with the second-team offense. After sitting out about a week with some minor nicks and cuts, Neely is back and proving to be effective.

#83 Saia Hafoka, WR (SR): Hafoka is trying to work his way up the depth chart. It's no secret that the HR position that Nate Meikle played is all but extinct in the overall offensive system set forth by offensive coordinator Robert Anae, which hurts Hafoka, as he's a natural slot receiver.

#84 Spencer Hafoka, WR (FR): Hafoka has impressed so far after having returned from his mission this past winter. He has good speed and is very smooth in his route running. Coaches should be able to afford Hafoka a redshirt year, as he looks to be a mainstay at wideout in the coming years.

#84 Jan Jorgensen, DE (JR): There aren't many surprises regarding Jorgensen, as he's proven his immense worth over the last two seasons as a starter at defensive end. Jorgensen is a leader on defense and will likely once again lead the conference in sacks this coming year.

#85 Landon Jaussi, WR (SO): Jaussi has begun to assert himself over the past few weeks. He's seeing as many reps with the second team as anyone and has fared well. Jaussi, along with Tyler Kozlowski, Reed White, Luke Ashworth and Ryan Neely, look to be one of the primary wideouts that will be competing for the third and fourth wideout spots this coming fall.

#88 Andrew George, TE (JR): George has seen noticeable improvement this spring. He's been able to make some big plays during 11-on-11s and will likely be seeing more reps than he did a season ago as the tight end rotation shrinks from three primary players to two in Dennis Pitta and himself.

George has shown a great ability to catch the ball and has very good straight-ahead speed. George and Pitta are likely to be considered one of the top - if not the top - tight end duos in the country as the 2008 season plays out.

#89 Cortny Barton, WR (JR): Barton is still buried on the depth chart, but could be an option to return kickoffs. He gets some reps returning kicks with most practices, but the most likely players that will be called upon to return kicks are Austin Collie and G Pittman at this point.

#90 Steven Fisher, DE (SO): Fisher has been running mostly with the third-team defense this spring.

#92 Brett Denney, DE (JR): Denney has continued his improvement and will likely fill the same role that he did a season ago. He is one of the harder working linemen on the team and it has really benefited him in recent years.

#93 Mosese Foketi, DL (SR): Foketi has added about 15 pounds to his frame this spring and looks much more apt to play nose tackle than he did a season ago. At 290 pounds, Foketi has proven better able to take on blockers. Coach Kaufusi mentioned that he plans on using Foketi some at defensive end this coming fall.

#94 Brock Richardson, DL (SR): Richardson has been seeing most of his reps at nose tackle with the third-team defensive unit.

#95 Rockey Kalamafoni, DL (FR): Kalamafoni is still really raw and just trying to learn the position, although his talent is apparent.

#96 Jonathan McCullough, TE (SO): McCullough is playing behind Friel right now, getting reps with the second-team and third-team offensive units. McCullough has good size and has made some nice plays primarily during 7-on-7 drills.

#96 David Tuitupou, DE (FR): Tuitupou is playing a lot at defensive end with the second-team defensive unit. He is earning some valuable experience as he looks to take over when Jorgensen, Denney and Ian Dulan play out their eligibility.

#97 Tevita Hola, NT (JR): Hola looks just like one would hope an incoming junior college player would. He knows how to play the position and came in great shape and was ready to compete from day one. Slowly but surely, Hola has risen to the point where he's seeing most of the reps at nose tackle with the first-team defense.

#98 Steve Fendry, DE (FR): Fendry has really benefited a lot this spring while playing behind Jorgensen with the second-team defense. He is obviously raw, having never played at defensive end before, but his improvement has been readily noted by Jorgensen and by coaches.

#99 Ian Dulan, DE (JR): Dulan has slimmed down and really progressed this spring. Players and coaches have noted how much improvement Dulan has seen, which is especially notable considering that he has started in each of his first two seasons.

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