BYU a Top Choice for California QB

California quarterback Josh Nunes has about 12 scholarship offers, most of which are from Pac-10 and MWC universities. One of those offers is from the BYU Cougar coaching staff. During BYU's spring camp, Nunes attended a Cougar practice with both his mother and father and liked what he saw.

This year, BYU is in the market for a top quality quarterback that can lead BYU's high-powered offense and be a flag bearer for not only Coach Mendenhall's program, but also the principles and service requirements attached within.

It seems the coaches at Brigham Young University believe they've found that player in 6-foot-4-inch, 205-pound Josh Nunes, who is of the Catholic faith.

"It was a great visit and they really rolled out the red carpet and made it a special visit," Nunes said. "It kind of reinforced what I kind of already knew. They have a strong program, especially at the quarterback position. They've always had really good quarterback coaches and a good quarterback-friendly program. I liked what I saw."

Standing on the sidelines with his family, Nunes was able to watch quarterback Max Hall - who was one of the top sophomore quarterbacks in the country last year - and the high-powered Cougar offense at work.

"From what I saw, everything looked crisp," said Nunes. "There were a lot of routes being ran and it's very quarterback-oriented from what I saw. Of course with the running backs they have too, it's nice to be able to run the ball as well. It's just a great overall offense."

While on his visit, Nunes was able to meet and speak with Hall and came away impressed with the Cougar gunslinger.

"Yeah, I got the chance to talk to Max Hall a bit and he seemed like a great guy," Nunes said. "He seemed like a really solid, good kid."

Following the Cougar practice, Nunes and his family were able to meet and talk with the Cougar coaching staff.

"I had a great experience up there with them," said Nunes concerning his visit with the Cougar staff. "Overall, they were very nice to me and answered all of my questions. Basically, it was just a great experience overall."

Nunes was not only accompanied by his family, but also by his best friend and by the father of the Hiatt family, neighbors of the Nunes'. Both the friend and the neighbor are LDS. In fact, the neighbor is the Bishop of the local ward.

"My best friend is Matt Huett, and my neighbor is also one of my best friends and he was there also," said Nunes. "He was in the office with me when I got my offer from Coach Mendenhall, so it was kind of a special experience for the both of us.

"It was kind of an honor because I had never met [Coach Mendenhall] before, and he left a very good first impression. He's a very straight-forward, moral person and is a perfect fit for leading this team."

Nunes was not the only one impressed with the meeting with Coach Mendenhall.

"My family liked it as well and they've raised me to try and be constantly in church and on a high academic level," said Nunes.

In terms of recruiting athletes, the Cougar coaching staff has one of the more extensive evaluation processes of any college football program. The process entails finding unique athletes that can not only play football at a high level, but that also possess a high moral character and that will be accountable to their religious beliefs while attending BYU.

"Yeah, that's definitely why I like the place," Nunes said. "It's definitely one of my top choices and I really like the place. One of the things that I really like about BYU is the honor code. Being Catholic, I like the fact that they place a high moral emphasis on everyday life.

"I talked with Coach Weber and he's a Catholic teacher down there and [I] got a good reference from him. He's down there every day and he said he's enjoying it and it speaks for itself. [Having a coach who is] a guy like me who puts an emphasis on trying to be a better person day in and day out is why I like it up there."

One of the aspects of Coach Mendenhall's program is how it seeks to develop good young men into great young men that are a great example to those around them. Many times Coach Mendenhall has mentioned to the media that his first and foremost responsibility is to undertake this endeavor.

"[Coach Mendenhall] wants someone who is going to be a good flag bearer for the program itself," said Nunes. "That is why it is such a great honor that they've offered me a scholarship to play up there. He believes I can be a flag bearer for the program, and it's a great honor."

Nunes understands the responsibility that comes with being a highly visible athlete on BYU's football team, and how the one that holds that position of flag bearer must use it for a greater good outside of football.

"The obvious thing to me is they recruit the person rather than the football player," said Nunes. "That's really a first of all the colleges that I've visited and that's why I like the place. It was a welcomed switch."

Nunes was able to also take in BYU's top-notch facilities and also came away impressed.

"They have great facilities and great funding," Nunes said. "Basically everything you want is there. I had a chance to take a look at everything. It's a really nice area and it's a great college town. Basically everything thrives around BYU itself and it's a great atmosphere for both … a player and student, I believe."

Playing at Highland High School in Southern California, Nunes had the opportunity to play with tight end Devin Mahina, who signed with BYU prior to serving a mission.

"Yeah, [Mahina] was my tight end last year so I got the chance to throw to him quite a bit actually," said Nunes. "We got a couple of touchdowns and stuff. Football is what brought us together, but from what I saw Devin is a great kid. I know his family pretty well and they're all great people."

Nunes has about 12 scholarship offers, including ones from BYU, Arizona State, Cal, Stanford, San Diego State, New Mexico, Colorado, Boise State, Hawaii, Louisville and Arizona. Even though Nunes has so many offers, BYU is one of his top choices, but he is taking a mature approach during the recruiting process to find out exactly what he is looking for in a college. He said it is tough to pinpoint exactly what types of things he's looking for.

"I'm still kind of sorting through all that myself," said Nunes. "If I knew that, it would be a lot easer on me during this recruiting process."

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