Chambers Anxious to get to Provo

Wide receiver recruit O'neill Chambers aims to join the team as soon as possible this summer in hopes of contributing right away as a true freshman. The signing of the Florida prep star generated a lot of excitement among the Cougar faithful, but their collective excitement likely pales in comparison to the excitement Chambers has about joining the team.

"I'm ready to go, I can't wait," said O'neill Chambers about joining the team as soon as he can. "I've been really excited to get to BYU for a long time now. I can't graduate soon enough."

Chambers is set to graduate in late May and will likely leave for Provo immediately afterwards so as to prepare for the coming season. He wanted to enroll for summer semester at BYU, but several factors prevented that.

"Well, summer semester starts in early May and I obviously won't be graduated from high school then," explained Chambers. "I also need to qualify. I needed to raise my ACT score by one point to qualify for BYU, and I'll be getting the test results here in the week most likely. I'm pretty sure I raised my score at least one point, if not more. I'm not worried about it."

In order for true freshmen to join the team over the summer, head coach Bronco Mendenhall has certain guidelines that they have to abide by. First and foremost, incoming freshmen can't live on campus, but need to find residence with family or close friends off of campus in order to arrive early.

"I'm talking with Terrance Hooks a lot and he's trying to work something out for me," said Chambers. "I want join the team real bad this summer and get going right away. We'll see what happens, but for sure I'm planning on joining the team as soon as possible."

Chambers has become close with Hooks after visiting BYU and through subsequent phone conversations. Chambers is fully aware of the injury Hooks sustained during a spring practice, causing Hooks to wait another year before he contributes to the team.

"Yeah, that was real tough for him to tear is knee," said Chambers. "I know he was doing really well and that he's really bummed out about it. Hopefully he'll recover soon and be back to playing good."

In the meantime, Chambers is staying in shape by participating with his high school's track team.

"I'm going to compete in the 4-by-100 relay and high jump in the state finals coming up here soon," related Chambers, who currently measures in at 6 feet 4 inches and 210 pounds. "I run the second leg of my relay team and my best high jump is 6 feet 7 inches."

Chambers is also spending a lot of time in the weight room increasing his strength. He currently can bench 270 pounds and squat 405 pounds.

"It's a good thing that I'm doing weightlifting while running track; it gives me a good balance," said Chambers. "I want to get strong but not too big since I don't want to lose any of my speed and agility. Running track along with lifting helps me do that."

Chambers has also been receiving calls from coaches, namely defensive coordinator Jaime Hill. Hill called Chambers as recently as last week, and Chambers is excited to play for him and the other coaches sooner rather than later.

"I really like Coach Higgins a lot," said Chambers. "He was a big reason why I decided to play for BYU. I love all the coaches there. Coach Higgins, Coach Hill, Coach Mendenhall, they're all great coaches."

TBS will follow up with Chambers in regards to his ACT score, his pursuit of arriving in Provo in early June, and how he performed in the state track and field finals.

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