Mathews Getting Early Looks

Mitch Mathews from Southridge High School in Oregon is receiving some early interest. Much like his older brother Marcus, who signed with BYU a couple of years ago, Mitch (6 feet 5 inches) towers over the competition. TBS caught up with Mitch to learn of what programs are giving him some early looks.

It's no secret that BYU is after tall receivers year in and year out. A quick glance at the receivers that have been recruited since Robert Anae became offensive coordinator include very few receivers under 6 feet tall. With that in mind, Mitch Mathews definitely fits the bill.

"My height is obviously my biggest strength," said Mathews, who measures in at 6feet 5 inches and 195 pounds. "I'm taller than every defensive back I go against and can use my height to my advantage [by] jumping over guys to get the ball."

Indeed, Mathews used his height and other abilities to catch 42 passes for about 580 yards and six touchdowns as a junior last season. Mathews was in a system that utilized his strengths well, as most of his receptions came over the top of the defense.

"Coaches know that if I'm on the outside … they can just lob it up to me and I'll get it," explained Mathews, who also claims a 34-inch vertical leap. "That's what I do well. I'm good in the air in getting the ball when it's thrown high."

Mathews' strengths aren't exclusive to his height, however. The promising wide receiver prospect mentioned that he's also very good at rising to the level of his competition.

Against the top two teams Mathews played last season, he had his best games. Against Grant High School, Mathews caught five passes for 120 yards and two touchdowns, and then against Westview High School he caught 12 passes for about 100 yards and another two touchdowns.

"Those two teams had a lot of all-state players on defense that I went against," said Mathews. "But I knew that going in and met the challenge well, I thought. I had great games against both of those teams."

Mathews has not received any scholarship offers yet, but has been receiving a steady stream of letters from the likes of BYU, Oregon, Oregon State, Stanford, Washington and UNLV. Mathews mentioned BYU as his favorite school at this point, but is open to other options.

"I went to BYU's camp last year and definitely will be at their camp again this summer," said Mathews. "My brother signing with BYU really makes me want to go there just to be on the same team as him, but I'm obviously open to other schools."

TBS was able to see the younger Mathews perform at camp last summer and came away impressed. Mathews showed to have very good lateral movement for a player of his size while being very good in the air. He also showed to have great hands to go along with his other skills.

Mathews wasn't a full 6 feet 5 inches during last year's summer camp, but has grown an inch or two since then. Mathews believes that he's topped out now and will play at his current height at the next level. He has also been timed at 4.7 in the forty.

BYU coaches have kept in touch with Mathews since summer camp, both through phone calls and letters. Assistant coach Barry Lamb made his way to watch Mathews play during one of his baseball games a couple of weeks ago.

"[Coach Lamb] wasn't able to talk to me due to NCAA recruiting rules, but he was there," said Mathews. "I hope to talk to him some more."

As stated, Mathews definitely plans to attend BYU's summer camp again this year, and is leaving other options open.

"I'll probably go to some other camps, but I'm definitely going to BYU's camp," said Mathews. "I'll probably go to one of the local camps here. I'm going to Oregon's Junior Day coming up. I might go to Idaho's camp, UNLV's camp and some others. I'm not really sure right now."

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