Fanua Racking Up More Offers

California linebacker Steven Fanua is racking up Pac-10 and MWC scholarship offers. The LDS defender from Milpitas High School is also close to making a decision on where he will play college football.

When it comes to outside linebackers, Steven Fanua is one of the best in the west. The 6-foot-2-inch, 210-pound speedy linebacker absolutely dominated opponents on the field as a sophomore among varsity players by racking up a gaudy 220 tackles. That stat ranked him as the nation's leading tackler, even when compared to the tackle numbers of seniors across the country. He followed up his sophomore year with 138 tackles as a junior.

Fanua received early attention from BYU, and the Cougar coaching staff was the first to offer. Since then, Fanua has received attention from LSU, Washington, Utah, Georgia, Cal, Arizona and UNLV. The latter three have joined BYU in extending a scholarship offer to Fanua.

Although he's already been to the Provo campus, Fanua plans on coming out to visit BYU again.

"I'm just finishing up with school and getting ready for the summer time," said Fanua. "I'm going to be heading out to a couple more Junior Days and some Nike camps. I'm going to be coming out to BYU sometime in June. BYU is a good place and it's nice out there. I'll probably hit up their non-padded camp or their Nike camp in June.

"At BYU, it just feels good being around over there," Fanua continued. "You know how when you get that good feeling of when you step on a good campus? That's what I get when I come to BYU. BYU is different and it's a good feeling. The last time I was out there it was kind of cold but it was nice out there, but I'm going to head out to a Junior Day at BYU and I think I'll hit a couple more from different schools."

Fanua specifically mentioned the University of Arizona as a school he intended on checking out.

Regarding which school he currently favors, Fanua said BYU is high on his list, if not at the top.

"BYU is still definitely one of my tops," Fanua said. "Oh yeah, definitely. I would have to say BYU right now."

One reason that Fanua favors BYU is because of the faith-based values that are incorporated within the football program. Being LDS, Fanua is attracted to his church's college, a college that happens to be showing him a lot of recruiting attention.

"They are showing me a lot of love and have been for awhile now," Fanua said. "I try to speak to Coach Doman a lot whenever I can. Whenever I have free time I'll just give him a call to check up on how the team is doing and how the practices are going. I'll just call him up and ask how things are going out there in Utah to get a good feel on how things are going out there and to see how things are progressing."

Fanua said he has a great relationship with Coach Doman. He also has a great admiration for BYU head coach Bronco Mendenhall.

"I really love [Coach Mendenhall's] philosophy about warrior cultures and stuff," Fanua said. "I know he studies a lot about different warriors and cultures and how they fight. I just think that's pretty cool, because if you can put that mentality into your football team's strategy, that's dangerous."

During BYU's spring camp, Fanua wanted to come out take in a practice or two on an unofficial visit with his father, and although he wasn't able to do so he hopes to be able to come out in the fall if possible.

Fanua isn't alone in favoring BYU.

"My parents are for BYU," said Steven Fanua. "I'll just put it like that. They like the school, they like the campus and they like the coaches there. They have no problem with me attending BYU because that's pretty much their school."

Fanua mentioned that he will more than likely evaluate the schools that have offered him a scholarship and make a decision soon.

"I just need to start weighing out what I want to do, and which schools can offer me the best situation," said Fanua. "I just got to put things together and start picking things out that I like and make a decision. I'll probably decide around June."

Fanua talked about the criteria that will influence his decision.

"I'm looking for a place where I can get close to God," said Fanua. "Obviously, BYU is a place where I can do that, so that's one good thing about BYU. I want to be around good people and meet good people, and be in an environment where I can focus on getting a good degree. I want to be at a place where I feel comfortable and be around people that share the same values as me. I want to go to a school that has a good football program. My dream is to make it into the NFL and do some good things there one day."

Speaking of linebackers, former BYU outside linebacker Bryan Kehl was just drafted by the New York Giants. The 6-foot-3-inch, 242-pound Cougar was the first of only two outside linebackers drafted by the Giants with their seven picks in this year's draft.

"Yeah, that's really cool man," said an excited Fanua about Kehl being drafted. "That dude was bad!"

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