Cali QB on BYU's Watch List

BYU has extended scholarship offers to Josh Nunes for the class of 2009 and Jake Heaps for the class of 2010. However, there is another LDS quarterback - this one from Temecula, California - that BYU coaches know about and are keeping an eye on.

Like former Kahuku High School running back Malosi Te'o, who recently received a Cougar scholarship offer, Andrew Pulsipher - the son of Allen Pulispher, who was a Bishop of a ward in Temecula - could be another hidden gem waiting to be discovered.

"I'm around 6'2" and a half and around 205 pounds," said Pulsipher, a member of the Class of 2009. "I just recently ran my forty at a 4.85 and I've been working really hard on my speed by working with a speed coach. I've also been working really hard in the weight room. My max for bench right now is about 230 now. My max for squat, which I haven't done in awhile, is about 350. That's what it was the last time I did it, and my power clean is 225."

Pulsipher started for his high school team last year but was in an offensive scheme that mainly featured the run. However, he was still able to rack up some decent stats. With his former coach being let go and former University of Nevada record-setting quarterback Mike Maxwell being hired to revamp the program, Pulsipher will be the main attraction in his team's new spread offense.

"I was 95-of-188 passing for 1,197 yards last year," said Pulsipher. "I also threw for 10 touchdowns. The offense last year was centered on the running back. We had a really good running back last year who was a power runner and so we ran a ball-controlled offense. The coaches we had last year ran that offense for over 20 years, so it was an old-school style offense with a mix of the wing-t because we had some talent at receiver.

"Our new head coach Mike Maxwell has been great. I think he'll be able to help us out more with recruiting because he knows the system better and is more proactive at it. The new offense that we will run will be the spread offense, which I like a lot better. We've had a couple of quarterback meetings already about putting in the new offense and I love it."

Pulsipher may not have had the chance to show much of his quarterback skills under his former head coach, but that hasn't deterred many top camps from inviting him out to participate against some of the top upperclassmen quarterbacks in the west.

"I was invited to the Top 25 Quarterbacks Camp, which is mainly for the top quarterbacks in California and on the west coast," said Pulsipher. "I was invited to the camp by Steve Clarkson, who also invited quarterbacks like Josh Nunes and Matt Barkley."

Pulsipher did not attend the latter camp, but will still have an opportunity to compete against some highly visible and recruited quarterbacks this upcoming Saturday. It's an opportunity that Pulsipher is gladly looking forward to.

"I was unable to go because it was a camp that was held during spring break and I already had plans to go with my family to Hawaii," said Pulsipher. "I did go to another camp that was hosted by Steve Clarkson and now I'm starting to go work out with him every Saturday. Next Saturday is another Top 25 Quarterbacks Camp, and so I'll definitely go and compete against these top quarterbacks in that one."

ESPN and Sports Illustrated will be covering this Saturday's Top 25 Quarterbacks Camp.

"Yeah, I'm really excited about that," said Pulsipher. "I really like these Steve Clarkson camps because there is a lot of really good talent that participate, which allows me to see where I stand. Matt Barkley was at the camp last Saturday, and to be perfectly honest with you I thought I stuck right with him."

Quarterback Matt Barkley is one of the top-rated recruits nationally by a couple of different recruiting outlets. Scout has him rated as the number-one quarterback in the nation, and he was named at the Gatorade Player of the Year in 2007. He threw for 3,560 yards and 35 touchdowns to lead Mater Dei to a share of the Trinity League title.

"He's a big kid," Pilsipher said. "He's a full 6'4" and around 220 pounds. He has a really good arm and has been starting at Mater Dei High School for the past three years."

Along with the Top 25 Quarterbacks Camp, Pulsipher has also been invited to some other camps.

"I was invited to go to Dallas, Texas for the Junior Top 100 combine on May 9 and 10," Pulsipher said. "I've also been invited to the regional Elite 11 Camp and Nike Camp in Berkley and Stanford. I'll also be going to a camp at Cal, BYU, UConn and Yale, so I've got quite the schedule over the summer, and it was pretty hectic planning it all out too."

New Temecula Valley High School head coach Mike Maxwell knows assistant BYU offensive line coach Mark Weber very well. Coach Weber was the offensive line coach at UNR while Maxwell was the starting quarterback for the Wolf Pack during the early 90's.

"I asked our new coach Mike Maxwell to call Coach Weber," said Pulsipher. "I knew Coach Weber from last year's BYU summer camp and I've emailed him a couple of times in the fall, so I asked him if he would call Coach Weber for me and he said he would. He then asked me what Coach Weber's first name was. I told him it's Mark, and he said, ‘Oh yeah, that was my offensive line coach when I was at UNR!'

"He said he had a really good conversation with him catching up and things like that. Coach Maxwell asked Coach Weber about me and he said that I was on their radar. He said, ‘We know about him and think he's a hardworking kid and look forward to seeing him at camp again.' He said that they really want to see [me] perform well in the fall so that I could receive a scholarship offer."

So in regards to Pulsipher, it's currently a wait-and-see situation for the Cougar coaches.

"[Coach Weber] said that they probably won't be offering after the summer camp, but want to see how well I do during the season," Pulsipher said. "They want to see how well I do in the new system and want to see more production."

Being a member of the LDS faith, Pulsipher is working hard with the hope that his church's college will offer him a full-ride scholarship sometime in the fall.

"BYU is at the top of my list," Pulsipher said. "The Mormon atmosphere and the environment at BYU is why I like the university. Also, one thing that I really like is the way the coaches have mixed religion in with playing football. I really like the whole tradition-spirit-honor philosophy and how they've made playing football more meaningful."

Currently, Pulsipher is receiving letters from a few Pac-10 universities and some other colleges.

"Yeah, I'm receiving letters from Stanford, and Cal is sending me stuff," said Pulsipher. "I'm getting letters from SDSU [and] Colorado State, and Boston College has been sending me a bunch of stuff lately. I've received stuff from UConn and a bunch from different smaller schools."

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