LDS Wide Receiver on the Horizon

An up-and-coming LDS wide receiver from Southern California was recently selected to the Ultimate 100 Freshman Combine in Los Angeles on May 5. The selection should place this future recruit as one of the top 250 prospects nationally.

BYU fans have already become aware of Southern California sleeper quarterback Andrew Pulsipher, but have yet to be introduced to his younger brother Adam Pulsipher, a wide receiver that is already gaining some recognition among underclassman athletes in the west.

"Adam was at the Underclassman Combine and was selected to the Ultimate 100 Freshman Combine in LA on July 5," said proud father Allen Pulsipher. "This will put Adam on the Rivals Top 250 list."

Already above others in his age group in regards to both size and strength, Adam has been called up by Temecula Valley High School varsity coaches.

"I'm 6'2", 200 pounds and will be a sophomore this year," said Adam. "I bench press 235, squat 315 and power clean 200. I've been working with a speed trainer and currently run a 4.7 forty. If I can keep developing my speed and get that down I think I could have a real future on offense. I played on the freshman team for the first nine games, and then on the last game of the season I got called up to play on the varsity team.

As a freshman, Adam was used as an athlete that played at multiple positions for his high school football team.

"I played running back last year on the freshman team and ran for around 1,000 yards rushing and [had] 300 yards receiving," said Adam. "I also played linebacker and had 95 tackles."

Adam talked about what he wants to achieve during his sophomore season.

"My goal is to play on the varsity team," said Pulsipher. "Spring football starts soon, so we'll get the depth chart set then, but I'm going out for wide receiver, linebacker and punter for our team."

Adam has already attended BYU's summer camp and was there with his older brother Andrew last year. He plans on attending BYU's summer camp again this year.

"I've been out to BYU's summer camp the past two years actually," said the younger Pulsipher. "I really like it. I like the football facilities and thought they were really nice. I plan on heading back out there with my brother. It will probably be the same as it was last year where you choose which position you want to play. I'll probably choose wide receiver and linebacker."

Like his quarterback brother Andrew, whom BYU is taking a close look at, BYU is one of Adam's top college choices. The other college that has also captured Adam's attention early on is Stanford.

"I really like BYU because I'm Mormon and I like the atmosphere there," said Adam. "I really like their offense and they throw the ball a lot. I also like Stanford and like what they're doing up there with Coach Harbaugh. Those are probably my top two."

Although a young man, Adam is also a very smart. He plans on attending law school in order to one day be a sports agent if his hopes for a football career beyond the Division I level don't come to fruition.

In the meantime, as an underclassman in high school, Adam is currently too young to be recruited by college coaches, but his goal is to make some noise early to be placed on the radar of BYU as well as other top college football programs.

"I just want to work hard over the next few years so I can play college football" said Adam. "I'm going to a few camps this year and I think that will help me out a lot."

In years past, Total Blue Sports has identified underclassmen players to watch in Xavier Su'afilo, Craig Bills, L.T. Filiaga, Jray Galea'i, Brian Soi, Jason Speredon and Matt Reynolds. Total Blue Sports will keep an eye on Adam Pulsipher as his recruiting situation unfolds in the near future as another up-and-coming LDS athlete.

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