Van Noy Warranting Attention

Kyle Van Noy from McQueen High School in Reno, Nevada received some early offers, and he's been receiving more and more interest from potential suitors with every week. Van Noy now holds eight official scholarship offers, with many more likely on the way.

"It's just a real honor and privilege to have these schools interested in me," said Kyle Van Noy regarding his early offers. "I'm honored to have all eight offers that I have right now. I'll consider each school and look at what they have and then decide."

Van Noy is a 6-foot-4-inch, 205-pound athlete who is being considered for a myriad of positions, although most schools project him as an outside linebacker at the next level. Colorado was the first school to throw its hat in the ring, and Van Noy likes what the Buffaloes have to offer.

"Coach Hawkins is a very enthusiastic guy," said Van Noy. "I really like his positive attitude and how he talks to me. He's very energetic and he's a great coach. I also have the opportunity to start right away at Colorado, which is very intriguing to me as well. I like Colorado a lot."

Van Noy received official offers from Boise State and BYU soon after the Colorado offer, and is excited about the prospects of playing for both of those programs.

"I love Coach Peterson," said Van Noy about the Boise State head coach. "He's just a fired-up guy and very energetic. You know he's the type of coach who gets the most out of his players."

Regarding BYU, Van Noy has been impressed with Cougar head coach Bronco Mendenhall for many of the same reasons he is impressed by coaches Hawkins and Peterson, and is also impressed because of other reasons.

"Coach Mendenhall is different from the other coaches I've talked to," mentioned Van Noy. "He just really, really talks to you. He's very upfront and doesn't talk as much football as the other coaches, which is unique, but I like that about him."

Van Noy, who is LDS but doesn't have plans to serve a mission, recently attended a fireside held in Reno in which Coach Mendenhall spoke.

"[Coach Mendenhall] shared what BYU was and I really like the way BYU goes about doing positive things in the community," said Van Noy. "I'm LDS, so obviously I like that BYU is my church's school and holds their standards. That's definitely something I like a lot. I like what BYU does as a program on and off the field and in the community."

Along with the three schools mentioned, Van Noy also holds offers from UNLV, Nevada, Stanford, Cal, and most recently, Arizona.

"I'm excited about the Arizona offer," said Van Noy. "I'm anxious to learn more about their program and more about all the programs which have offered me."

Van Noy has also been receiving increased attention from UCLA, among other schools, and is hopeful that an offer from the Bruins will be coming in shortly.

"UCLA actually talks about me mostly playing strong safety, which I like a lot," mentioned Van Noy. "They play a sort of rover safety who just goes up and smacks people from the backfield, which I think would be great to play. Hopefully they offer here soon because I really like what I'm hearing from them."

Van Noy has options in regards to which position he'll play at the next level, although most schools project him mostly as an outside linebacker.

"BYU is telling me that I could play outside linebacker, tight end, receiver or even safety, which is great," said Van Noy. "I like having options and I really don't know where I'll end up playing, but I really like that BYU is leaving it open to me."

Van Noy believes his football IQ, along with his aggressiveness and great lateral movement, are his biggest assets.

"I'm very good at identifying what the offense is doing when I'm playing defense," explained Van Noy, who plays defensive end along the four-man and sometimes five-man front that McQueen High School employs. "I'm very good at rushing the quarterback and pursuing guys. I probably have to work mostly on my drops."

Van Noy is about as wide open as recruits tend to be at this point of the recruiting process, as he didn't list any favorites. He is intent on letting all his options come in before he decides.

"I really like everyone I'm hearing from at this point," said Van Noy. "Each school offers their own thing and they all sound good so far. We'll just have to look at each school more closely and then decide, but I'm not close to deciding at this point."

Van Noy mentioned that the school that will acquire his services is the school which offers the entire package.

"The school I decide to sign with will be the school which offers a great environment, schooling and football program," said Van Noy. "I'm not looking for just one thing; I want to go to a school that has all those things which are important to me."

Van Noy will be busy this summer, as he plans on visiting a fair share of camps. Although many camp options are available, he has one camp visit definitely planned for this summer.

"I'm going to the Nike Camp in Provo this June," said Van Noy. "I can't go to the Stanford one, but I'm definitely going to the one held in Provo. I have some other options, but that's the only one I know I'm definitely going to at this point."

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