Jensen has BYU on Top

Jamie Jensen from Gilroy High School in Northern California is getting a lot of visits here of late from potential suitors. Seeing as how he threw for 4,323 yards and 43 touchdowns a season ago, it's easy to understand why. Jensen will likely have a good number of potential suitors to decide between when it's all said and done.

"I had Coach Doman and their assistant head coach come by to see me throw last week," related Jamie Jensen. "Before that I had Stanford coaches come by, Coach Willingham from Washington, Utah's coaches, and a lot more have mentioned that they want to come by to see me work out."

This is the so-called quiet time when coaches cannot approach or talk to prospects directly. BYU's coaches were watching Jensen intently, but all conversation was between them and Jensen's coaches during their visit, as was the case with the other coaches.

"I'd love to talk to them," expressed Jensen. "I was able to meet with Coach Doman during BYU's spring game and really like him as a coach. I like BYU a lot."

While at BYU, Jensen was able to tour the facilities and campus, and came away impressed.

"BYU is a great place, as all my relatives have told me," said Jensen. "It's hard to grow up in my family and not know about BYU. We watch BYU games a lot and they're the school I'm most familiar with, for sure."

Indeed, Jensen has many ties to BYU and grew up in what could readily be termed as a BYU family.

"My grandpa played football for BYU way back when," explained Jensen. "I've had probably 30 or 40 relatives that have attended BYU. Everyone in my family goes to BYU and I've always followed them because of that."

Jensen, who measures in at 6 feet 3 inches and 210 pounds, plays quarterback. As mentioned, he put up some staggering numbers a year ago, throwing for 4,323 yards and 43 touchdowns. Jensen describes himself as a classic drop-back quarterback who is well suited for BYU's system.

"I'm good at picking up who is open and I never get rattled," said Jensen. "Even when coaches yell at me I never get down. I'm very even-tempered and I think it's led me to have a lot of the success I've had. I don't let things bother me."

Jensen doesn't hold any scholarship offers at this time, but that is likely to change with various camps about to begin. Jensen is receiving a lot of attention from BYU, Stanford, Cal, Washington, Nevada, UCLA and Utah, among other schools, and is hopeful to receive offers soon.

Jensen's plans include attending the Elite 11 camp coming up on May 16 at Cal, and he will follow that up with a visit to BYU's non-padded camp this summer.

"Yeah, I'm definitely going to attend BYU's camp," said Jensen. "I might go to Cal's camp and Nevada's camp as well. I'll probably go to at least one other camp."

Although Jensen is LDS, he does not have definite mission plans at this time. Jensen readily cites BYU as his favorite school as of right now, but certainly doesn't want to limit his options.

"I'd love to go to BYU and play there, but I'm interested in other schools as well," said Jensen. "Hopefully I'll get my name out some more and get some more offers. I'll decide when I get some scholarship offers. I don't have any right now, but I'm confident that will change here soon in the coming months."

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