Highland QB on the Recruiting Radar

Pocatello, Idaho quarterback Taysom Hill has recently been upgraded to a four-star recruit by Scout. Hill is one quarterback in a class of talented signal callers populating the west. He also happens to be on BYU's radar.

Quarterback University, otherwise known as BYU, is in the hunt for a good offensive field general for the class of 2009. The Cougar coaching staff has already extended an offer to a quarterback from Highland High School quarterback, but this Highland High School happens to be in Idaho, not .

Taysom Hill is 6 feet 2.5 inches tall and weighs about 205 pounds. He couldn't list his stats from last season off the top of his head, but said he threw for about 2,300 yards.

Hill has been receiving quite a bit of attention, and has a few scholarship offers on the table.

"It's great to be going through the recruiting process right now, being from Pocatello, Idaho," said Hill. "Being a quarterback and having the ball in my hands is what I want. I like taking control and being the commander out there. Right now I'm being looked at and have received offers. I've just received a recent offer from Utah and have offers from Stanford, Boise State and Arizona. I also have one from [Idaho State] from in town here.

"I've also talked with Washington State and they'll be down here sometime next week to come talk to me, so they'll be coming down and they seem really interested and stuff. A recruiting coach from the Idaho Vandals was down here today and I was able to talk to him and stuff."

Of the schools that have currently offered Hill, the University of Utah is the one that has caught his attention. Hill said one reason for that is because it is close to home for him. In addition, he likes the system and coaches in place at the U of U.

"The offense they run is obviously pretty extravagant and is the basis of what we run here at Highland," said Hill. "The offense that they run and the coaching staff they have out there is a big reason too. I'm just familiar with that type of an offense and I think that's kind of what I want to be into."

Utah, however, isn't the only school that has caught Hill's attention.

"Stanford is another," said Hill. "I mean, you can't go wrong with the education you get at Stanford. It's going to be a struggle, but it would be well worth it. I think Coach Harbaugh is a great guy and he is someone that I definitely see myself playing for. In just talking to him a little bit [I found out] he wants to incorporate the zone reads within his offense."

Stanford defensive line coach Lance Anderson - who is LDS - was out to Pocatello a few weeks ago to watch Hill work out.

"I got a brief chance to talk to Coach Anderson about Stanford and what they're doing out there as well," said Hill. "He's a really good guy and I like him."

So what about BYU? The Cougar staff is looking to get a quarterback in the next class, and Coach Anae has been in contact with Hill's high school coaching staff.

"Gino, my head coach, talked to Coach Anae yesterday and [Anae] said, ‘Hey, this kid is really intriguing and got our attention,' or something like that. They said they wanted to see more of me in the spring.

"My head coach told them that I was at their camp last year, but I guess they didn't remember me or something like that. So I'm a little down on BYU right now, but I don't know. We'll see what happens and stuff like that."

While Coach Anae may not remember Hill from last year, that may simply be due to the fact that Coach Doman, as the quarterback coach, would have been the person to work with Hill most at the camp. In fact, Coach Doman has also been in contact with Hill's coaching staff.

"Yeah, Coach Doman was the one that called down here and talked to my head coach and requested [my] film and stuff," Hill said. "Other than that, it's been Coach Anae who has been down in this area. You know, I'm not going to lie. BYU interested me a lot at first, but the lack of attention and just talking to other schools and being close to them has kind of changed that."

A possible reason that the Cougar coaches haven't given much attention to Hill could be because they have been evaluating a rather large group of quarterbacks on their recruiting list. In a year of very limited scholarship offers, the BYU staff has already offered one quarterback a few months ago in Josh Nunes, and could be on the verge of offering another quarterback in Jamie Jensen from Gilroy, California.

But what if BYU began showing Hill a lot of interest? Would Hill once again become interested in BYU?

"Yeah, I would for sure," said Hill. "When all this recruiting stuff began, BYU was a place that I could really see myself going to. As far as the community, the people and what the school stands for, it really interested me a lot. They run a pro-style offense, and that's an offense that I could see myself playing in. When I first started with the recruiting process, BYU was an easy place that I could see myself ending up at. So for sure I would still consider BYU and I'm just trying to keep all my doors open and see what each school has to offer."

Hill is not the first member of his family to have been recruited by BYU; his older brother Jordan Hill was sought after by the Cougars, and even at one point agreed to be a Cougar.

"[Jordan] signed with BYU and then went on his mission," said Hill. "When he got back Dirk Koetter recruited him. He also recruited him when he was a coach at Boise State and wanted him pretty bad while he was there, but when Jordan got off his mission Koetter had gone down to Arizona State. So when Jordan got home he just said, ‘Hey, come down here and take a look at Arizona State and take a recruiting trip and see if you like it.' So he did and he loved it down there. I don't know if BYU knew about all of that or not. I think they just kind of expected him to come back. I know the same thing kind of happened with Ben Olson too."

There were rumors that there might have been a scholarship issue upon Jordan's return from his mission. However, Taysom said he didn't believe that was the case.

"I believe Jordan could have just went down there [to BYU]," said Hill. "As far as I know I don't think that is true, but I don't really know for sure. Jordan took a trip down there and they put on a really good show for him."

Meanwhile, Taysom Hill is still trying to decide whether or not he will follow in his brother's footsteps and serve a mission.

"I just don't know because all this stuff has just kind of happened really fast," said Hill. "I love the game of football, and it's always been a dream of mine to play college football as well. Either way, that opportunity will be there, but I just don't know how soon."

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