BYU Recruit Richard Wilson Receives LSU Offer

LSU coaches have extended a scholarship offer to Spanish Fork High School athlete Richard Wilson, who plays on both sides of the ball. Total Blue Sports caught up with Wilson, who already has offers from BYU and the University of Utah, to get his thoughts on his new offer form the Tigers.

Richard Wilson may have grown up under the shadow of Y Mountain along the Wasatch Front, but that hasn't deterred the coaches of LSU from trying to snatch the LDS football player from the Cougars' own backyard.

"[LSU] called me on Sunday, but I didn't really talk all that much to the LSU coach," Wilson said. "They mostly talked with my dad a lot and are trying to get to know my dad, so they talked to my dad and said that I should be expecting [a written] offer soon. So I'm just pretty much just waiting for that in the mail I guess."

So what did his father think of his phone conversation with LSU?

"My dad just said that we'll take a look at it and see what they're all about and what they have to offer," Wilson said. "So we'll just kind of go from there, you know. [My parents have] always been 100 percent supportive from day one on whatever I wanted to do. They're just going to be there to help me and be supportive on my decision."

Wilson appreciates the recognition for his talents and hard work. He shared his personal thoughts on receiving an offer from this past season's national champion.

"Well, it's LSU, the national champs," said Wilson. "It's a privilege to be offered by them, and I never thought that I would be offered by a big-time school like that. It's just a blessing in my eyes to be recognized for all the hard work that I've done. It's exciting, you know.

"The pros are they are a winning program and are two-time national champions, but the cons are I've never really been down in the South and don't really know what to expect, you know. I know the weather is different and the environment is a lot different than what I grew up with."

Wilson plans on taking a trip down to LSU with his father in June or July. In addition, they plan on going down there with Timpview offensive lineman Xavier Su'afilo, who also has an offer from LSU. While there, Wilson will be able to see the differences in the South firsthand to get a better understanding on whether going to a place as far away as Baton Rouge is something that would be a good fit for him.

Su'afilo called Wilson on Sunday to congratulate him and get the report on how the phone conversation with the LSU coaches went.

"[Su'afilo] was excited for me and told me how proud he was of me," said Wilson. "We didn't talk too much, but he just asked how it went and what was said. He said he would talk to me later this week. It's just nice to know that I've gotten other offers and different looks, you know."

Since Wilson and Su'afilo are good friends, that could possibly make signing with a far away school like LSU more appealing.

"It is … definitely an advantage to know that you're not going to struggle to find friends if you already have one if we both choose to go to the same program," said Wilson. "I haven't really thought much about that though and we haven't really talked about that."

The offer from LSU is a great compliment to Wilson and he does plan on taking a closer look at the university. However, there are advantages to staying in the state of Utah for college.

"Being home is an advantage in that I can actually play in front of people that I actually know," said Wilson. "My family will be there and [BYU is] a great place and it's just up the street here, and I know what it's like. I think that is a big advantage, you know. Being able to be around people that are like myself will play a big factor. It's just something that I'll have to take in and think a lot about when I'm making my final decision."

With the great success that LSU has been able to achieve in recent years, the trek through the Deep South to Louisiana is an attractive one. However, Wilson still has BYU at the top of his list at the current moment. In fact, Wilson was recently in contact with Coach Mendenhall.

"We just talked for a bit and he just asked me what was going on," Wilson said. "He pretty much just asked me why I haven't committed yet. I just told him that I wanted to have the chance to see other things. I've never really had the chance of being able to go out of the state of Utah."

With Wilson being offered by BYU, Utah and now LSU, there could be the possibility of more college recruiters scouting him out and realizing what the Cougars', Utes' and Tigers' coaching staffs already know. This could result in more offers coming his way.

"Wow, you know, that would definitely be crazy," Wilson said. "It would be a lot of fun checking out a bunch of different places."

Wilson said he wants to make his final decision sometime in the summer prior to his final year at Spanish Fork High School.

"That way I can just worry about my team and winning the state championship," said Wilson.

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