Chambers Good to Go

O'Neill Chambers from Harmony, Florida created a lot of buzz when he spurned SEC offers to sign with BYU this past February. Since that time, Chambers has worked hard to become eligible and has been chomping at the bit to get to BYU as soon as possible in hopes of preparing himself for his freshman year. TBS caught up with Chambers to get an update on his situation.

"I'm ready to go," stated O'Neill Chambers. "I got my ACT scores back and I scored a 21 in the math part, which I needed to raise, and I'm fine. I knew I would pass, but yeah, it's nice to have it done with."

Chambers is also set to help out during summer camps while working out with the team in the offseason. Getting an opportunity to work out with the regular team during the offseason can be a huge benefit for incoming players. Chambers knows this and will make the most of it.

"I'm going to help out with camps being a chaperone, so I'm real excited about that," said Chambers. "I'm either going up to Provo on May 31 or June 6. I'm not sure which one of those dates I'll be going up or not, but yeah, I'll be there."

A lot of speculation has also surrounded Chambers' best friend and teammate Kedron Paul and his future plans. Chambers told TBS that Paul still has his eyes set on playing for BYU, but will be playing elsewhere this fall.

"Keke [Kedron] is going to Chico State," explained Chambers. "They gave him a scholarship, but he fully intends on transferring to BYU the first chance he gets."

Now that everything is in place for Chambers, the promising wide receiver prospect couldn't be happier.

"I've been wanting to get started and get going to play for BYU for about six months now," said Chambers. "Now that it's finally here, man, I'm excited. I'm going to just work as hard as I possibly can to get my chance to play and to help the team."

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