Johnson out to Prove his Worth

Jordan High School prospect Kyle Johnson is out to prove his worth and earn himself a football scholarship. Johnson seemed to be well on his way before a knee injury sustained while wrestling set him back this past January. He is now on the mend and has his eyes set primarily on one school.

"I want to go to BYU," said Kyle Johnson. "My grandpa played there along with his three brothers, and BYU is the school I've always wanted to play for growing up."

Johnson is a 6-foot-4-inch, 295-pound offensive line/defensive line prospect from Jordan High School, just south of Salt Lake City. He played both ways for the Beet Diggers a year ago, and earned himself team defensive player of the year honors.

On offense Johnson plays right tackle opposite Vyncent Jones, who plays on the left side and has already committed to the University of Utah. Johnson earned All-State honors playing the position and caught the notice of BYU recruiters.

"I've talked with Coach Doman and I've been to just about every recruiting function BYU has," said Johnson. "I've been to all of their Junior Days along with going up to Utah's Junior Days as well. I know a lot about BYU and I'd sure love to play there."

So what has Johnson been hearing from BYU's coaching staff?

"They say that they like me a lot," said Johnson. "They told me that they'd already offer me, but they really want to see how I come back and recover from my knee injury."

So far, so good in regards to Johnson making a full recovery as he sets to prove his worth during summer camps and his senior season.

"I'm ready to go," said Johnson. "My knee feels fine and I'll be doing all the offseason stuff my team has planned this summer."

Johnson has also been receiving a steady stream of letters from college programs that are showing him early interest.

"BYU, Utah and Stanford seem to be the schools showing me the most interest right now and sending me the most letters," said Johnson. "I'm getting letters from everyone and from everywhere it seems right now, but those three are the ones showing me the most interest right now."

Being part of Jordan's football program, Johnson will be attending Utah State's team camp as is planned each summer by Jordan's head coach. Beyond that, Johnson doesn't have any particular plans set as of right now.

"We'll see what happens and what I'm able to do," said Johnson. "I'd like to go to BYU's camp or Utah's camp if I'm able to. I don't have plans to attend either right now since I'll be busy with team stuff and all that."

Johnson is LDS and has mission plans, but plans on playing a semester before leaving for a mission. However, no plans are definitive at this point of the process.

"Hopefully I get some offers and I'd love an offer from BYU," said Johnson. "I'd love to play for that school and play where my [family] played. I don't want to limit my options though, but yeah, I'd love to play for BYU."

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