Wilcox Gets Coveted Offer

Brad Wilcox from Edmund, Oklahoma recently received an offer from BYU's coaches. The offensive lineman grew up a Sooner fan, but likes the Cougars and what they have to offer. TBS caught up with Wilcox to learn about his thoughts at this early stage of the recruiting process.

Brad Wilcox stands in tall at 6 feet 7 inches and weighs 265 pounds. He felt he did very well last year while playing against some pretty tough competition for Edmund North High School.

"I had a very good year," said Wilcox, who plays left tackle. "I don't know of any stats I had, but was really happy with how I played. I improved a lot and hopefully I can continue to improve."

Wilcox's strength obviously comes with his superior height, which allows him to dominate opponents simply by sticking his arms out and not letting opponents get upfield on him. Wilcox uses his height and the various skills he possesses to his advantage.

"My height really helps me, but I'm also very mobile for a guy of my size," said Wilcox. "I run a 5.1 forty, so yeah, I have good movement and I'm light on my feet."

Wilcox also claims a 250-pound bench press, 400-pound squat and a 270-pound power clean.

Wilcox's play and overall talent have garnered him some early attention, as schools such as Oklahoma State, Kansas State, Iowa State, Tulsa, Washington and Boise State are sending him letters and whatnot. Most of Wilcox's attention has come from BYU, however.

"Coach Higgins was the one who came down here to talk to coaches and watch me work out," said Wilcox. "Soon after that I got an offer from them, which was really exciting. I like BYU a lot and would love to play there."

Wilcox is LDS and has cousins who attend BYU. He is drawn to what BYU offers in regards to environment and factors outside of football.

"I'd say BYU is my top school right now," said Wilcox. "I like the program, but I really like the atmosphere there, being LDS and all."

Wilcox is also familiar with the football program, having followed it last season.

"I went to the Tulsa game last year and saw them play there," said Wilcox. "I know that wasn't their best game and that they had a great year after that. I know that BYU is a very good football program and they should be really good this year."

Wilcox has definite mission plans and will leave for his mission the summer after he graduates. What school he'll be returning to isn't decided yet, as Wilcox isn't in any hurry to commit to any particular school.

"I'm not going to decide for a while I think," said Wilcox. "BYU is my only offer right now and they're my top school, but I want to look at other schools as well."

Wilcox has a busy summer ahead of him, as he plans on visiting a lot of the schools which have expressed interest in him by way of attending their camps.

"I'm going to BYU's camp, Kansas State's camp, Tulsa and probably Oklahoma State's as well," related Wilcox. "So yeah, I'm going to be really busy."

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