Offers Keep Rolling in for Wilson

Spanish Fork tight end Richard Wilson is quickly becoming one of the top tight end prospects in the nation. The 6-foot-4-inch, 215-pound prospect recently added another scholarship offer to an already impressive list.

It's not that often that many national prospects come out of good ole Happy Valley, but for the class of 2009, that's exactly what is happening. Among the prospects receiving national attention is Richard Wilson. Ever since receiving his first scholarship offer - from the BYU Cougar coaching staff - he has exploded on the recruiting scene. The latest Division I university to offer him a scholarship is Miami.

"It's been crazy," said Wilson. "That's all I've got to say. [Miami] knew Xavier [Su'afilo] of course from coming out here, and they've heard about me from other coaches. They pretty much just heard good things about me and wanted to see my film first before they offered me."

Film had previously been sent out to the Miami coaching staff, but for some reason the footage got lost along the way. Wilson sent out another copy of his junior season highlight footage for the Miami coaching staff to review.

"They all watched my film and then afterwards they all looked at each other and said, ‘Kellen Winslow Jr.,'" said Wilson. "That's what they said. Miami is a very good tight end school and they've had a lot of very good tight ends come out of there like Kellen Winslow Jr., Greg Olson and Bubba Franks. All these guys went first round and get a good reputation coming out down there. They all end up doing pretty good in the NFL, so that's pretty cool because that's my ultimate goal: to play in the NFL."

Wilson is now trying to fit in a visit to the Miami campus.

"If everything works out well we'll try and make it down there [to Miami] around the same time we visit LSU," said Wilson. "I know Xavier is heading down there this Saturday night for camp."

The University of Miami isn't known for having a roster comprised of Boy Scouts or social role models, and Wilson is fully aware of this. The Miami coaching staff has focused on a more wholesome side of the Miami social experience.

"I've heard that the actual crime is more within the city of Miami," said Wilson. "The university is about 20 miles away in Coral Gables. From what I hear it's a really nice college town. There's your typical partying that goes on there, but most of the crime that goes on is in Miami. The coaches told me that when the players get into trouble or get shot is when they're in a gang and in the city. He told me that I should just stay away from the city and not hang out there as much as I can."

So what does Wilson think of what he was told by the Miami coach?

"I don't know," said Wilson while taking a deep breath. "I'll just have to check it out. I don't really know what to think. All these schools [are] coming at me from different states and [some] of them are miles and miles away."

Back in 2006, Miami defensive end Bryan Pata was murdered. In the same year, 12 Hurricane players were suspended for a game against Duke because of a brawl that took place during a game against Florida International University. These are among the things that have contributed to Miami's reputation, but Coach Randy Shannon, who is entering his second year as Miami's head coach, has stressed discipline.

"I have thought a lot about that," Wilson said of Miami's negative reputation. "I'll have to see how I feel when I'm down there and see what kind of players they currently have and things like that."

While Xavier Su'afilo has said that Miami has been his dream school since he was a little kid, Wilson's eventual decision could determine where Su'afilo ends up playing.

"[Su'afilo] said if he goes out of state that he would like me to go with him," said Wilson. "He said that where I go will play a big factor on where he goes. He said he if he goes out of state, he would like to go with a friend and not be alone."

Wilson currently plans on choosing a school by the end of summer. That is of course if he is able to see everything he would like to see. Otherwise, he said he may have to push back his decision a little bit.

Currently, Wilson has scholarship offers from BYU, Utah, Tennessee, LSU, Arizona and Miami. A few other colleges are getting close to offering him as well.

"USC just emailed my coach the other day and they wanted film on me," said Wilson. "We sent that out to them about two days ago, so we should be hearing from them soon. Also, Boise State just said they have to see me first and they're just checking everything out there. It's just kind of crazy how everything has just come out of nowhere. I'm just from the little town of Spanish Fork."

Wilson plans on serving a mission after his senior year of high school, and has discussed that with the schools that are recruiting him.

"Every college that I've talked to told me that they were cool with me serving a mission," Wilson said. "I haven't talked to them a ton about it, but they've all asked me and I told them that I planned on it."

Meanwhile, Wilson will be attending BYU's Junior Day this Friday, as well as the Nike Camp that will be held on the Cougar campus this Saturday.

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