Mathews Excited about BYU Offer

Mitch Mathews from Southridge High School in Oregon recently received his second scholarship offer when BYU coaches informed him that they want him as part of their football program. After impressing in camps, Mathews is bound to see other opportunities open up for him.

"I feel honored and really excited about getting an offer from BYU," said Mitch Mathews upon receiving his scholarship offer from the Cougar coaching staff. "BYU has always been one of the top schools in my mind, and to get that offer was what I was really hoping for."

Mathews' ties to BYU are many, as he, along with his older brother Marcus Mathews, have been regular attendees of BYU camps and have followed the team since they were both young. Marcus signed a letter of intent with BYU in 2007 and is now serving a mission in Sweden.

Mitch Mathews likes the prospect of having the opportunity to play with his brother at college.

"Me and Marcus have always wanted to play together at the next level, so yeah, that's something I like a lot about BYU," expressed Mathews. "Marcus doesn't even know I've been offered and I can't wait to tell him."

Marcus has limited contact with Mitch and his family, communicating only through weekly emails. Thus, Marcus has been kept out of the loop in regards to Mitch's recruiting process.

"He doesn't even know that I've been offered by UNLV yet," said Mitch. "I know now that when I tell him I've been offered by BYU that he'll be very happy for me and he'll want me to sign with them."

Mitch is a 6-foot-5-inch, 188-pound wide receiver prospect from Beaverton, Oregon. He opened a lot of eyes during BYU's camp last summer. Mathews showed to have very good lateral movement and speed for a player of his stature.

This year Mathews has added a very good burst off the line and more accurate route-running, which have likely led to his recent offers from UNLV and now BYU. Mathews has worked on all aspects of his game very hard in preparation for the next level.

"I have a workout routine that I follow and it's helped me," said Mathews. "I also have good coaches and have really worked hard to improve my play and hopefully I continue to get better."

Mathews intends on making a commitment by the end of the summer, as he doesn't want to drag out the process.

"I'll probably wait a bit and go to the other schools who are interested in me and see what offers I get," explained Mathews. "But if I feel strongly enough about one school, I'll commit. I don't think it's fair to other programs and coaches to have them hold offers for me when I decide in my mind what school is best for me. So I may commit here soon if I feel strongly enough about one school, but I definitely want to decide by the time the season starts."

Right now Mathews is staying very busy and plans on attending the camps and various functions of all the schools interested in him. Now that Junior Day at BYU is done with, Mathews is off to Boise State, Idaho and UCLA before he returns to BYU for the regular summer camp for a week.

"I was going to visit Oregon State as well, but I don't have enough time now," said Mathews. "I want to go to the camps of all the schools that are interested in me. Right now my top schools are BYU and UNLV since they're the two schools who have offered me. BYU was always the top school for me along with UNLV before I was offered, and now that they have, they're definitely up there."

Mathews said he enjoyed his Junior Day experience at BYU, and came away very impressed with the overall talent at the one-day workout.

"They had some great guys there, for sure," said Mathews. "I was very impressed with a lot of the guys I went up against in one-on-one drills. Guys like Chris Badger and Jray Galea'i, those guys were really good. Craig Bills too. There was a lot of talent there."

Mathews also had the opportunity to catch balls from top quarterback prospect Jake Heaps.

"Heaps is a great quarterback," said Mathews. "We got along very well and I felt comfortable with him throwing the ball to me. He'd be great to have as a quarterback."

Mathews has been impressed with BYU head coach Bronco Mendenhall. In a meeting with the Cougar head coach, Mathews was intrigued by what he was told.

"Coach Mendenhall told me that if they liked me that they'd find room for me no matter what," said Mathews. "He also was very direct and talked to me about what BYU is and things other than football, which I liked a lot. Coach Mendenhall is a great coach and I'd love to play for him in college."

Mathews has plans to serve a mission, but won't turn 19 until a year after he graduates high school, so the likely plan is to play a year before leaving.

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